Thousands of postal voters disappear in Birmingham

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spiffy, May 2, 2007.

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  1. Thousands of postal voters, read muslim voters have disappeared since the investigation into surprise there then.

    Full story of muslim scam
  2. I hate to come over all Sven-ish, but where does it say these fraudsters are all Muslims??
  3. Definite dramatic drop, but I strongly suspect it's still going on. The Police for a change, are all over this, unlike the pervious occasion , when their lack of interest in actually going after the last crowd was evident and remarked on by the Judge.


    There were two arrests of Lib Dem Muslim candidates in Birmingham yesterday, and immediate suspensions thereafter.

    Anything that stops the election process being treated like it's taking place in Baluchistan not Birmingham , is a good thing.

    Postal vote fraud won't stop, until the threat of interfering with the electoral process carries heavy sentencing.

    Postal voting is abused , when the fraudsters can prey on ignorance and language difficulties.
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    No, they are NOT all muslims, but they ARE all Labliar supporters. So it's a mixed bag of Muslims, immigrants, homosexuals, deviants, malcontents, stupid, and dispossessed who wish to dispossess the electorate of it's democracy through subversion and burning down of parliament.

    Edited to add: I stand corrected as it was also Lib representatives and voters. So please add to the list: Supid (oh, that's already there), wishy-washy, lame, pathetic and hopeless.
  5. It doesn't say they were all muslim in the article but if you research the fraud you will find that it was the muslim communities that were doing the fraud. Lets put it another way, PTP, the muslims friend & Lib Dem Activist, would be all over my post like a rash if it were b*llocks.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Still going on indeed. Last weekend's Sunday Times had a big investigation into the latest Labour Party frauds, ahead of the local elections. I can't find a link, but this is the Comment piece from the same day:

    "Today we report that the Labour party in Leeds has driven an articulated lorry through this code in a desperate attempt to gain power on the city council. An undercover reporter posing as a student activist was part of a team told by the leader of the Labour group on the council, Keith Wakefield, and a fellow Labour politician, to collect postal votes in two key wards, and if necessary “help” voters fill in the forms. The other councillor, Graham Hyde, who worked in the Commons for George Mudie, the former Labour deputy chief whip, warned the canvassers not to get caught with any postal voting forms on them.

    Every aspect of the code, in other words, was breached. As David Crompton, assistant chief constable of West Yorkshire, put it when told of Labour’s actions: “This is extremely sharp practice and a clear breach of the guidelines. We will now be looking at this carefully to determine whether a crime has been committed.” Whatever the police do, the Labour party should suspend the councillors involved."

    As usual, there are no depths to which politicians will not sink. Labour introduced the revised postal system in order to get more votes from some immigrant groups, who they saw as 'natural' supporters (and who were 'well organised' to vote postally, fair or foul). The Iraq war saw many of these groups turn against Blair, and so the Labour party had a problem on their hands. Their answer? See the Sunday Times investigation for details.
  7. Our once great democratic tradition has been betrayed. We would put a 3rd world banana republic to shame right now.
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Why do we have secret ballots? As a result of gross fraud of just this sort. A quick search online gives us this:

    The description of an election in ‘Pickwick Papers’ by Charles Dickens gives a graphic description of what an election was like prior to the 1872 act. Though the 1832 Reform Act had increased the number of voters, none of them had the right to vote in secret. Therefore with open voting, voters who rented out property or relied on a local employer for work had to invariably vote as the property owner or employer wanted them to vote. If they did not, they risked losing their accommodation and employment. In this sense though the 1832 act is seen as an extension of democracy, the fact that voters risked a great deal if they voted with their conscious works against this belief. That is why the 1872 Ballot Act is so important – as it was a real extension of democracy.

    Though we take voting in secret as a natural course of action now, there were many in the Nineteenth Century who did not support it as they felt that property owners and employers had a right to influence the way people voted.

    If we are to add 'family, religious, political and tribal leaders' to the above list of people who could influence voting, we'd be talking of today.
  9. As it should Mr. Deputy.

    I don't mind my tax dollars going on preservation of the democratic process.

    I do however mind them being spent when the Police decide not to persue cases as actively as they might.
  10. We have. The Judge said so in the trials. But how else would Nu-Lairbor get the idle proles to vote the "right" way?

    In Northern Ireland the Electoral Rolls got cleaned up very substantially so it can be done. There was some crap on the Radio this morning from a daft sounding woman who was "Consititutional Affairs Minister". She appeared to be suggesting that they could not do anything more because that would make it "too difficult" for some people to vote. What???

    Eliminate Household Registration in favour of Individual Registrations, require a third identifier, such as an National Insurance, Passport or Driving Licence number and restrict Postal Voting back to the old system.

    Not difficult really. Apparently the only other country in the world with our type of electoral system that has Householder Registration is: Zimbabwe!
  11. Another justification for the public ballot was its transparency. If everyone could see who voted, then it meant there could be no shennanigans with the ballot box afterwards. In practice, the change to a secret ballot meant that rather than having to bribe a majority of electors, corruption could be focussed on the returning officer. That's why the 1872 Act was so rigorous in upholding this gent's impartiality and incidentally, (to answer a question asked on another thread) why the number of your ballot paper is recorded against your name on the electoral role.
  12. So either 20,000 people have decided not to use a postal vote as a result of the debacle at the last election, 20,000 extra votes from the last election were submitted as a result of postal fraud or 20,000 postal votes have 'gone missing' as a result of underhand tactics before this election.

    Either way this doesn't smell good.
  13. Or maybe 20,000 dead people* decided not to vote this time around.

    *Less the dead people on holiday.
  14. Well, since the last election we have had the bird flu and an increase in MSR haven't we? Perhaps it hit Birmingham badly!
  15. Mind you the very people who are the subjects in the postal vote scams used to do the same with ballot cards. Personation where people collected ballot cards to vote for others, dead or allive used to be common in some areas. My wife and I could have picked up and extra three votes between us as the previous owners of the house had not changed their registration, and I am pretty sure we would not have been caught.