Thousands of Bodies Found after Plane Crash

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. private plane carrying children and adults from California to a skiing vacation in Montana diverted from its planned destination and crashed on Sunday as it attempted to land at an airport in Butte, and a Federal Aviation Administration official said all on board — 14 to 17 people — had been killed.


    Witnesses at the scene of the crash said the aircraft was turning at a steep angle as it approached Bert Mooney Airport on the outskirts of Butte at midafternoon when it abruptly went into a nosedive, plunged into a wooded area in Holy Cross Cemetery and burst into flames upon impact.

    “All of a sudden the pilot lost control and went into a nosedive,” Kenny Gulick, 14, a member of the Civil Air Patrol in Butte who lives near the airport, told The Montana Standard in Butte. “He couldn’t pull out in time and crashed into the trees of the cemetery.”

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  2. I was thinkin at the time that i heard bout it that it was gonna save the Funeral home a bit of petrol.
  3. Whoa, even though this is the NAAFI I didnt realize dead children was a Joke to some
  4. Great advert from Virgin Atlantic at the bottom of the page "Fear of Flying?"
  5. It was there, Honest!
  6. When you said "thousands" i thought a plane had come down on a house in Bradford.

    ...In other news, 36 stakipans died in a another day of death. The bunkbed colapsed.
  7. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I saw it too!
  8. 14 in a 12 seater plane, either they couldn't count, or they WERE STUPID!
  9. Wow! ARRSE is really letting itself down with posts like these, whether its the NAAFI or not
  10. Needless to say I agree, NAAFI or no NAAFI, dead kids isen't a subject for humour.
  11. Really? 'Cos my garage full of dead babies always raises a smile for me.
  12. Why can't it be funny?
    I feel for the parents and friends etc but you have to see the funny side in things like this as they happen so often nowadays if you just sat the being a grief whore you'd die of boredom.
    Anyway Im 16 so technically Im a kid :twisted: and I find it farking hilarious :twisted:

    You ageist cunt :D
  13. You obviously haven't read MDN's classic responses to the "Dog Eats Baby" headlines.
  14. Do one homo. What sort of a man are you? I suggest you go and post on the Cbeebies webpage. Loser.
  15. Two pilots?! Or have I just gripped a Wah! by the short and curlies? :D