Thougts on Hyunday IX35 vs. Kia Sportage?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by viceroy, Apr 18, 2012.

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  1. Essentially being the same car, do any of you drive any of these particular models? I need an automatic 4WD Diesel with a long warranty that isn't too expensive (2nd car). The Hyundai comes with a 5 year all in, incl. service maintenance, the KIA with a 7-year warranty but service / maintenance extra. As I rarely keep cars for longer than 4 years, I am leaning toward the 2.0Diesel Hyundai although prefer the KIA design.

    Any thoughts on the 136BHP vs. 184 BHP Diesel engines?

  2. If you are able to make a claim using the Forces Discount Brochure, the Hyundai Affinity Scheme can make great savings for you! I saved 3.5k+ on my new Sante Fe, which by the way is better than either of these smaller models.
  3. Not UK based and it is a second car, the aim for it is to be smaller and more efficient. Thanks though.
  4. I was given a Hyundai for a hire car whilst in Cuba.

    It's the shittest car I've ever driven (and I've driven some sheds over the years)
  5. Like wise a different scheme with good savings, also got the 7 seater Santa Fe. very pleased with it. Don't get the auto the manual 6 speed box is better and more fuel efficient. I also got a DVD fitted to keep the bin lids happy.
  6. I looked at both for a good deal of time, and bought a Subaru Outback instead!! However, of the two, I felt the Sportage was a better vehicle. Looks, quality and drive just felt better. The IX35 was lined with cheap, hard plastic and although a cracking value for money car, just felt cheap.

    To throw another spanner in the works, Subaru have just released the XV.....its version of these two cars. I think thats going to be my next vehicle. The quality of Subaru is fantastic.
  7. Subaru does not offer automatic transmissions for their Diesel engines, their petrol boxers are gas guzzlers and I am replacing a Legacy that was fine for 3 years but now goes into the workshop once in 3-4 months for major repairs, coming out of warranty i June, so got to move on. Agree with Subarus being usually very reliable, it's just that some folks (-womenfolk) find it very difficult to drive the rather delicate clutch that comes with Boxer Diesel, hence the desire for an automatic...
  8. Bought IX35 Manual 2 litre Diesel. Has 4 wheel drive with a button to put it on at any time. Tow a caravan with it and 4wd on off was very usefull as oposed to automatic 4wd. Also off all the ones we looked at i.e Honda, Kia etc this had the most leg room and door opening for the back. Why? Kids all grown up and tall plus older relies need space to get in and out. Full of loads of bells and whistles. Spent 3 months searching all the crossover MPV/4wd types felt this was the best for the money. No probs with the interior leather etc.
  9. Not that model but I am very impressed with a new KIA I recently picked up. cant fault the quality across their "new" lineup.
  10. I was hoping that a few more comments would follow. I have driven the KIA and I am not loving it, the visibility is dirt poor all round. The windows are so high up and small that I am doubtful the kids will be able to see out the windows at all. It is the better looking one in terms of design, but I prefer the IX35 interior and slightly better visibility (C-Pillar is still god awful, but at least it has more than a slit for a rear window). I will drive the Hyundai on Saturday but already it looks as if the KIA is going to fall short based on above points.
  11. V, Do you want the kids to have a good view or to be safe. There is a reason the Kia has more metal and less glass!
  12. Toyota RAV4, 2.2 D4D diesel, 150bhp and 47.1mpg. Had a 57 plate T180 and that shifted after dicking about with various other cars I am now in the process of going back to one.
  13. Ahhh..I did not factor in the woman! Having said that, the 2.0 Petrol XV is 40+mpg with the auto box. My outback is an auto and its lovely to drive. I test drove the XV auto and I have to say, it really is rather good.
  14. The RAV4 is a good buy. We don't get the diesel model here. We get the 2.4 litre 4cyl petrol or the 270hp V6.
    Kia doesn't have the best reputation down here, especially the Carnival which was just awful.

  15. I have a new style Sportage, level 2, I love it. The A pillar takes a bit of getting used too, it is very thick. The C pillar likewise. That said it's higher up than a Qashqai, has a great warranty, quiet, well screwed together, good looking and extremely well equipped for the money (6 speaker stereo with USB/ipod onput, bluetooth phone, cruise control, full size alloy spare etc)

    Not sure I understand your point on the windows. My 8 year old has no problems seeing out and she loves the panoramic sunroof. Part leather seats are a bonus with kids too.