Thoughts with all Cumbrian Arrsers

...including me!

Having been flooded in the '05 floods my heart goes out to those suffering current miseries. Here's hoping!

Yes, I know there's another thread...
About a week after the 05 flood the Sally Army brought their band down and played amongst the devastation, made the hardest Coombrian wobble for a mo. Plus their burger van served up butties and tea for weeks at no charge - respec'!
Those of us who live on the sloping bits are OK but there's a Hell of a mess everywhere else.
Tried to get from the coast to Keswick yesterday but even in the 4WD it wasn't possible without a 40 mile detour.
Commiserations, I feel your pain, .... sort of, I am quite high up so found it incredibly amusing watchin the Royd dwellers frantically trying to salvage what little they can
I live a stones throw from Northside Road bridge, I cant believe a sandstone bridge which has stood for over 100 years collapsed like a pack of cards. Condolences to PC Barker's family who sadly lost his life when the bridge collapsed.
One, ordinary man, doing his job and putting the welfare of others above his own life. "No greater sacrifice..."

I am sure PC Barker will be honoured in some way, but why not name the replacement bridge - as there will be one - "The Bill Barker Memorial Bridge"?

I think that would have more resonance than one of Michael Winner's "Blue Plaques" and will keep him in the minds of all who cross the river at the point where he made his ultimate sacrifice for his community and neighbours.

Final thought: Whoever writes to his wife and children had i) best use a spell checker before doing so, and ii) get his family’s blessing if the bridge is to be so named.


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