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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by thrombo, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. I am in the process of trying to re-enlist. I left the Army after just a year in 2006. I develeoped depression and went AWOL. However when I got my red book sent through to me, my military conduct was 'Exemplary' and the soldier description that the C.O. gives described me as 'honest, punctual and a hardworking soldier. Just wondering what you lot think my chances are?

    The depression was a one off, a lot of incidents happened at home, all of which hitting me square in the balls very hard, and there have been no re-occurences.

    I have already had a meeting at my local ACIO, and the Office Manager has seen my Discharge Papers. I am just waiting for Glasgow to get back to the ACIO.

    Also any advice on what to do or say would be great.

    First post so if I have posted in wrong place, apologies!
  2. No advice, good luck though!
  3. Ha! Thanks, a 'Good Luck' is better than nothing!
  4. Just make sure you're totally honest with them. If they ask about medical history / reasons for leaving tell them the truth. If it's found out later that you were hiding something like this you may just get f*cked off at the high port again, best of luck though
  5. Thanks REgards. I am aware that if I lie on my application and/or on my medical records, I will get found out and binned. I'd rather get a straight 'no' from the ACIO than get binned 6 months after re-enlisting.

    Would a letter from my G.P. saying that there have been no re-occurences help atall?

    And also I was 18 at the time, 20 now, so would they take into account the fact I have matured and grown up a bit since then?
  6. A letter from your G.P certainly can't hurt mate, I should imagine it would help, also elapsed time would count for something. I can't give you any definites though, any ARRSEr's in the AFCO world cast more light on this?
  7. I'll mooch down the to the doctors surgery tomorrow then. I have asked the people in the ACIO, and the only answer I got was "wait and see", and then the Office Manager somehow and quite brilliantly moved the conversation over to his 'beloved' Queens Park Rangers.

    Editted to add:
    Do I have my G.P. send the letter directly to the ACIO, or do I ask her to give me the letter and I give it to them myself?
  8. say that you need to get back in as someone owes you money... na seriously good luck mate
  9. Thanks Pte Pile.
  10. in response to this take it to the ACIO know what the nhs are like
  11. Ha! Yeah fair one. Any ideas on what I should ask my GP to put in the letter?
  12. Was there a medical problem declared on your discharge? sounds to me like you got an admin discharge?

    Have you got a copy of your medical status on discharge?

    Going and getting a letter from a GP wouldnt be needed at the AFB203 stage (application to Glasgow for special enlistment authority), they dont look at the medical side of it at that point (that comes later).

    Glasgow and your former Corps/Regiment/Cap Badge are more interested in your conduct and the recommendations made from your discharge officer and also the Office Manager.

    If the AFB203 comes back to the AFCO/ACIO as granted it then lets the office know what course of action to take with your application, you will be required to submit a new medical questionnaire to ADSC and if needed attend for selection again.

    Its at the RG8 stage that questions might get asked about anything that is on record, but to paint a picture its not uncommon for them to request you see a Military specialist who can recommend your re-enlistment as being okay with regards to mental health issues (we dealt with such a case this week) ;)

    Sit tight and wait and let the application process do its thing, dont pester the office as Glasgow have their own timescales (normally at least 4 weeks).
  13. thats brilliant fivetodo, will bear all that in mind. thanks a lot.