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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by booty_cadet, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. I need someone to take the pi$$ out of how I set up my webbing so I can set it up better. At the moment from left to right I've got...

    Double ammo pouch-magazines
    Utility Pouch-KFS, hexi cooker+hexi (in plastic bag), ration pack (as much as I can fit)
    Utility Pouch-Spare waterbottle, plastic mug, brew kit
    Entrenching tool pouch-Crusader mug, waterbottle
    Double ammo pouch-Weapon cleaning kit, paracord, cam cream, sling (when not on weapon)

    And on the left side of the yoke I have a multitool pouch+multitool.

    Come on people be cruel, you're good at it...
  2. Too much military kit in there Booty Cadet, taking up chocolate and sweets space. How will you survive?
  3. Theres a nice space between the harness and shell on the helmet...
  4. There's more space between the two cups on the ear defenders.
  5. Well I am a Marine (cadet) :oops:
  6. I know ill get slated for this but if it helps mate heres whats in mine,
    Left to right

    Ammo pouches X 2, 1st pouch, 2 empty GP Mags, 2nd ammo pouch-empty
    Utility pouch - mess tins and MSR Pocket Rocket-brilo pad
    Utility pouch - Metal 58 Pat mug, 58 Pat w/bottle
    Utility Pouch - Bungees, tentpegs, KFS, Basha
    Utility pouch - Gas for MSR, Amplivox
    Ammo pouch X 2, 2nd pouch - Maglite 2 X AA, Sh1te multitool, celium sticks
    1st Ammo pouch - full GP cleaning kit, Note pad, pen

    let the Critersism begin!
  7. That has to be a warrhh! There is far to much on that belt for it to fit. Plus why do you have a basha on your belt kit? That went out with 58 pattern webbing. When you say two ammo pouches do you mean a single unit or that you have really got two ammo pouches either side???Crazy.

    On your webbing it should be...from left to right.

    Ammo pouch
    Bayonet frog
    Water bottle pouch
    Utility pouch
    Utility pouch (personal pref)
    Ammo pouch

    Anything else will be a waste of time as it will just add to weight. Webbing is designed for carrying ammo and basic survival equipment. Personally I think Hippo pads, gucci pouchs and leatherman pouchs are a waste of time. Your webbing should be the same as everyone elses ensuring uniformity and quick access to equipment if you are wounded and someone needs to get your first field dressing (FFD) or ammo. Rather than looking keen or like rambo you will look like a complete tosser.
  8. I wish I could fit my basha in a utility pouch! I've still got a 58 pattern that just about fits in a side pouch! I like the sound of torch in webbing though so I should probably get to sorting that out...
  9. Some thieving pikey stole my belt kit, but now its given me the opportunity to really examine what I carry and why, and the prognosis is I used to carry too much crap and have now cut it down to the bare minimum. Much better!
  10. I tried to strip mine down a bit, but I ended up with what I have above, which is pretty much what I carried anyway...
  11. Booty cadet,

    You are a cadet, I am a full time soldier with a lot of experience. Yes an FFD should be in your top left pocket of your smock. However the standard FFD will only hold one pint of blood and the manual states that a maximum of three FFD's should be applied to slow bleeding hence carrying 2 extra in your webbing. I have been packing my webbing to the standard infantry way for many years and live well off it in the field. PM if you would like an infantry packing list. Anyone who carries anything different in regular units generally gets a shoeing for being a rambo wannabe. Apply KISS to everything you do.

    K - Keep
    I - It
    S - Simple
    S - Stupid
  12. Not taking the pi$$ but just out of curiosity where are your ammo pouches? I've got 2 pouches and an entrenching tool pouch on mine and mine are on the side, starting to creep towards my front. I'm only just not laying on them in prone. So I was just wondering.

    Got to agree with you there. Anyone who needs a hippo pad for comfort shouldn't be wearing webbing, it really isn't that difficult to fit. If they need it to fit more pouches on, how about just moving the pouches down a few notches so that the belt naturally curves before you put it on, I can fit five pouches on and I've got a tiny waist! As for gucci pouches, anything that doesn't fit into a utility pouch shouldn't be in your webbing. Unless you need respirator, minimi magazine etc etc.
  13. WORN:

    Smock Combat
    Trousers Combat
    Stable belt
    Boots (Combat High)
    Personal Weapon (With sling)
    Body Armour (with plates)
    Dog tags (Taped together)


    Notebook & Pencil (Include black pen & Chinograph pens)
    Whistle (attached)
    FFD (Top left hand pocket)
    Gloves Contact
    Torch (Spare batteries attached)
    Cam Cream (If issued)
    Lighter & Matches*
    Sharp knife/Leatherman (Attached to smock)*
    Survival tin*
    Compass (Attached to smock)


    Left hand side: 4 Full magazines
    Right hand side: Goggles




    Water bottle with S10 Respirator cap
    Black mug
    Sterilizing tablets
    Hexi cooker*


    Weapon cleaning kit
    Emergency rations (2 meals)
    30m Dark cord
    Mess tin
    Spoon (No need for knife and fork)
    Ear defence
    Spare batteries
    10m Red mine tape
    30m White mine tape
    Search Mirror (If issued)


    Personal first aid kit
    Toilet roll


    S10 Respirator (Checked by CBRN Instructor before deployment)
    DKP 1+2
    Detector paper 1+3
    Spare canister
    Naps/Combo pens (If issued)


    Bergen cover
    Orders folder
    Model kit
    Spare combats (1xSmock, 1xShirt, 1xT-Shirt, 1xTrouser)
    Socks x1 pr
    Sleeping system
    Fleece or Buffalo
    Spare underwear x 1pr
    Digging tool (If issued)
    Canoe bag (For waterproofing kit)
    Roll mat (Attached)


    CBRN suit
    CBRN over boots
    Gloves inner/outer (Place left gloves in left trouser pocket and right gloves in right trouser pocket)


    24 Hour ration pack
    Mess tin
    Socks 1 pr
    Gloves Leather
    Foot powder
    Sewing kit + Patch of DPM Cloth
    Spare laces
    Head over or Woolly hat
    Gortex Jacket
    Poncho + 4 Bungees


    Spare boots
    Working belt
    Sports kit (Trainers, Shorts, Tracksuit)
    T-shirt x 4
    Combats (Trousers x 2, Shirt x 2)
    Socks x 4 pr
    Under wear x 5
    Wash kit (Unscented products)
    Boot cleaning kit
    Alarm Clock
    Letter writing kit
    Day sack (With canoe bag liner & Day sack cover)
    Sun glasses + Goggles
    Camera + Charger (Spare batteries)
    Head torch
    Wash bag (for laundry)
    Flip flops
    Pad locks x 2
    Toilet roll

    Ensure all kit is dust/water proofed.

    Ensure your kit is marked with your: Name, Regt Number, Unit (If possible a contact number/email address and operational address).

    First aid kit must include:

    Triangular bandage, x2 FFD, Water proof plasters, Headache tablets, Pain killers, Throat lozenges, Anti septic cream, Insect repellent, Lip balm (with sun screen), Sun cream (factor 15 min).

    Wash kit should include:
    Shower gel (Un-scented), Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Razor (Spare blades), Shaving cream, Deodorant (Un-scented), Nail clippers, Moisturiser (Un-scented), Comb, Cotton buds, Mirror.
  14. Hopefully that will help. Couldn't PM it as it wouldn't work with microsoft word.

    If you think there is anything missing let us know. This list was given to me at catterick which all instructors used. I have packed like this since day one and always had what I needed to hand.
  15. Well i too am a full time professional Recce soldier and i think your kit
    list reeks of REMF or you have copied that kit list from an army PAM .
    You are carrying much to much useless kit . Your giving cadets tips
    bloody hell mate sort your own life out first .