Thoughts on the royal irish regiment

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by sammnyni11, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. am lookin for some thoughts on the royal irish regiment,and what people think in general.
  2. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    To our foreign readers Sammy's from Bangor in Co Down NI. Not Bangor in Wales or Bangor in Maine and he's asking what people think of the RIR he really has led a sheltered life.
  3. a mean thoughts on it as a regiment to join
  4. RIR? Do you not mean the The Royal Irish? RIR is not a recognised army abbreviation, it was one used by the Sinners.
    Just to add ! R.Irish is a blinding bn and currently on Ops.
  5. As they are Part of 16 AAB along with the ASH, and i've heard only good things from ASH blokes
  6. u think it would be a good Regiment to join? didnt no much about them to be honest i new more about the home service batt but it was disbanded a few yrs ago
  7. Best option is to carry out your own research, visit an ACIO to get the up to date facts & visit the Armynet website etc

    As their part of 16 AAB, they along with other Units will always be busy, at the end of the day it's your career choice to make, good luck
  8. thanks m8 think ill get on to AFCO on monday
  9. Sammy

    If you're from NI and want to join the infantry then it's either R Irish or Irish Guards - your choice. Either way you'll be amongst your own. Otherwise off you go and learn a trade.
  10. I'm thinking about joining R.Irish and I'm not from Ireland just would like to be part of 16th brigade air assault
  11. I've been out for quite a while so I'm not familiar with how 16 AAB is made up, but I think the non-para battalion rotates (no doubt someone can put me right). Therefore 1 R Irish won't be with that brigade for too much longer?

    If you want to serve with 16 AAB, why don't you join the paras?
  12. I think R IRISH selection is easier, but as you rightly say they will rotate the battalion so joining up to be a wings-wearing dealer of death might not be the best long-term career plan.
  13. Sammy, bein from NI mesel, do not try to target a brigade or formation and then choose a Bn. The powers that be change the formations of the Army to suit the reviews and thick fuckin paddies never get a lookin. Join the Army, get yerself into the Bn structure and work hard from there.
  14. So R.Irish aren't going to be apart of 16 BAA do you no when that's going to change?
  15. Yes, Royal Irish, a Gurka Battalion and Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders rotate the Air Assault role, I think 5 years each.