Thoughts on the new Force Recon Unit?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by 2_Canadian_Beers, Apr 13, 2005.

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  1. Wondering what the new Special Forces Recon Unit, will fully consit of; and how much will it take away from actting recon units? Is this unit placed to take over some of the wieght the SAS is carring, or is a unit that will fall into the cracks?

    Cheers 2CB
  2. once again, some prick politician flying a desk has decided to waste millions creating his legacy before having to resign after the papers find out he shagged his dog, neighbour, secretary.etc.

    The money would be better reinforcing units already expert in carrying out this role.
  3. And they'd be who?
  4. And there was me thinking that's exactly what it is going to do...
  5. Not completly off topic but I did overhear brass chat that 1 PARA have f*cked off the Ranger Regt idea.
  6. Interesting, from last I herd it was all a go, to take the wieght of the SAS?
    Hmm, lets see how this turns out, I will put my ear to the ground tommorow, and let you know what I can find out. B.C the unit supposivly taking over for 1 para into the para role is 1st battlion royal irish.

    Cheers 2Cb
  7. We used to have a Recce Reg back in WW11. It was elite, and even the SAS tagged along on ops. In 1946 it was disbanded and was therefore not granted any battle honours. The title and badge should have been resurected, in memory of those who went before, and to show the present units under threat that there is life after the politicians have butt-f##ked you.

    The Rangers concept was always a non starter - any Brit infantry Reg could do that job without re-roling. One of Blairs toadies must be a fan of "Blackhawk Down" (a story of a spectacular f##k-up!)

    With an ever decreasing Army, the need of a Recce Regiment is dubious. We have brigade Recce in the form of Cavalry for the more conventional work, Bn Recce for CTR's, and the SAS for Long Range Recces.

    It sounds like an attempt to divert attention away from the real issues of disbanding Infantry Regiments while gunner and engineer units are depolyed as infantry to make up for shortfalls.
  8. Strictly speaking, the above are Close, Medium, and Strategic Reconnaissance. But saying "we have a unit that carries out that task" is not the same as "we have a unit that carries out all possible facets of that task".

    Anyway, I suspect that the MoD adviser wasn't just reading "Blackhawk Down", he was reading "Ghost Force"......
  9. The problem is the moment the idea was given the 'Ranger' title everyone came to the Blackhawk Down idea.

    Rather than seeting up a unit, with a Corporate identity why now simply expand the resources that we already have!
  10. That'd be about right. POD disguises the pain inflicted on the line Inf by showing that the "ring fenced" Paras are also suffering changes only to quietly let the Paras drop the idea later. Remind me againg the last time we parachuted troops into battle?
  11. have engineers really deployed in an infantry role???

  12. Yes - Engineers have been used as Force Protection in Iraq - an infantry job. I know we are all supposed to be soldiers first, but lets be serious. Not their job, not qualified, and a waste of tax payers money for their specialist training.
  13. If you are revving up a unit to take on an SF support role you'd want to give them a great deal of additional kit, trg time and possibly man power. This would cost a bit, I'd have thought. I wonder where the money's coming from.

    Odd. isn't it that the bloke who suggested this is also the bloke who suggested we disband some of our infanrty. Is this a coincidence or am I reading far, far too much into it.

    Also, it sounds a familiar task, like the COP units we all successfully made up quite happily in NI. I wonder if we could do it again - naggghhh, probably not we're too sh1te now.
  14. Loads of people were used for all sorts in Iraq I was with a Sig Sqn and we did.
    River Patrols
    Foot Patrols
    QRF for Alsop Lines
    L/R Patrols around local area
    Provided Multiples for Op Rainbow
    Lots and lots of Escort Duties

    All not Sigs Jobs but the only units that had a specifis Inf role as a BG were the Gunners
  15. As I understand it, the new Recce Regt is not a 'shooters blazing Gun club organisation'; they are more the 'enablers' ,a more expanded role for the original 'Walters'.