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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tattooedlady, Sep 15, 2006.

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  1. I'm a 25 yr old student who is just about to start her 2nd year of a Foundation degree in Bournemouth. I may have to do another year to make it into a full BA but not sure at this present time.

    I have been thinking about joining the TA for some time now and have spoken to a few people about it and so far so good. Although one guy told me to join the regulars rather than the TA but its not really an option at the moment.

    The main questions I have are;

    What could I do within the TA? I'm thinking something more support based rather than frontline soldier.
    Whats the first thing I should do? Think my nearest TA centre is Bovington.
    Would it be something that I could fit around my university study and the part-time job I need to do to pay my bills?
    Also, and here's possibly the stupid question, are there height restrictions? I think I'm about 5'42 ish and just wondered if that makes a difference. :?

    Thanks in advance
  2. No height restriction I'm 5ft 2
    RLC (royal logistics core) offers lots of different types of work, specialist jobs etc
    You only have to do so many training days a year think it's 27 and you get paid for what you do.
    My TA unit are very supportive of my studies, and have been very understanding if I can't make something due to study commitments, as my study also involves long work placements!

    Hope you get some usefull advice TL!!!
    I'm sure I will speak to you on the rear party at some point!!
    Good Luck!
  3. try having a look here you may find something that interests you. Without detracting from the TA don't forget the RAFAux and the RNR. That middle bit should be territorial but site wont allow the whole link tut
  4. Thanks halomonkey,

    Not too good on boats so I don't think the RNR would be the best plan although I guess I could look at the RAFAux if they accept that I don't have perfect 20/20 vision, as the RAF wouldn't take me due to that one.
  5. Rifle volunteers at wallisdown road poole is your nearest unit - but not many jobs for the ladies.

    Royal Wessex Yeomanry at Bovington have lots of girls (queue the bad jokes) and a huge variety of trades on offer - wanna drive a tank (well - a small one - girls aren't allowed to drive the big ones - don't ask!!), or be a medic, signaller, engineer, clerk, chef etc, and have a lot of fun.

    yes it fits with your studies - it's up to you how much you do - but best to get through the recruit stuff as fast as possible (depends how fit you are - if you can't run - start running now, but take some good advice - RWXY will help).

    ring them up - number in the phone book - or ring the ACIO in bournemouth and ask them for it.

    best bet is to go along and have a look - speak to them and find ourt what they do. by the way, not too many visible tatts?
  6. All very easily covered :lol:
  7. 8O :)

    Would that be the same as the Royal Logistic Corps by any chance? :wink: