Thoughts of a fighting Irishman as he serves the queen

Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by HarryPalmer, May 23, 2008.

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  2. That was a good read. Strange how adversity can bring together all sorts of people to face a common purpose in unity.
  3. An excellent read which reminds me of my career in a unit serving with Irish, Fijian, West Indian. Australian, New Zealanders, Ameicans, South African, Rhodesians (in those days) and a Seychellian and of course Britons from all over the realm.

    There will always be young men who seek this way of life and far better it be through an organization with a tradition of this fairly unique situation
  4. Looking good :)
  5. "The ideal of soldering"? Is this the LAD of 1R IRISH?
  6. A good read. Some people in NI and ROI still stir up the old sectarian sh*te. But I remember watching a BBC NI programme about 2 R IRISH in Bosnia in the early 90's and the Ulster falg, Union flag and Irish Tricolour where all on display so the R IRISH Battalions have always been a pretty diverse bunch brought together by the tradition of soldiering.

    I knew a R IRISH (HS) officer from Cork who was based in Portadown at the height of the problems there. He was a great bloke and a top soldier - he got plenty of grief from the locals - especially teh Prods who saw his presence as another sop to Dublin (!) but none from anyone in the Battalion. He was just regarded as another officer doing his job.
  7. When is the next instalment?
  8. Biped

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    Makes you proud to be . . . . er . . . . erm . . . . . serving in the army dunnit?

  9. Good read.
  10. Nice to read such a well informed and well balanced report.
  11. That really is an interesting article. I particularly liked this little bit:
    I also never had any grief for being Irish. It was just for being from somewhere (anywhere) else, like Scousers, Geordies, Taffs or Jocks, or even Lahdannaz.

    The British Army really is a true multi-culti society.

  12. I enjoyed that post, looking forward to further updates etc :D
  13. Good reading.

    Keep them coming please HarryPalmer.
  14. As he says himself, it's an "occasional" diary. I'll continue to post them as he does.