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Thoughts for the Wounded 27/10/2009


Not sure if this is common knowledge around the Corps/AMS but the RAMC had a young man severely wounded a few days ago.

I wasnt aware; being out of the loop these days- but bad news finds it way around.

I won't name him here, but would like to pass on our thoughts and support to his wife and family at this time.


Book Reviewer
So sorry to hear this news. All our thoughts are with him and his family and friends right now.

And with the rest of the unit , who will be coming to terms with this whilst cracking on.......stay focussed guys and gals......safe home.

I too have just heard the news, I cant believe it my thoughts or with him and his family, I hope for a speedy recovery.

If there is any more news please PM me.

Thanks Neil H

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