Thought you guys might like this

This has been posted before, along with the sequel.

Sorry to spoil your fun.
Funny and entertaining each and every time though
Excuse me while i spend the rest of the day typing kiss into this website. Its getting hard to type with just my left hand!!

FineX - you just type in words as actions like jump, run, strip, kiss etc etc

The boys in the office have been typing in kiss, bra and lick all morning to both of them. Boys will be boys eh!? :-D
"Strip" is rather frustrating!
Silvester said:
Can anyone enlighten me as to what software I need to make this site work for me. I just get a blank screen when I log on!
If your using Internet Explorer, you should have the flash player plugin already. If your using another browser (firefox, Opera etc), go to Macromedia website to download the plugin for your browser.

If the flash plugin is there, it should work.

Type 'soldier' in VB2. Don't think much of their drill though, and I'm a matelot, though if that's the new desert uniform, bring it on!

Try 'topless' in both. Nice.

And if you want a beer, 'pour beer' and 'Drink beer' in VB1.

'Pitcher' in both.

Far too much time on my hands....


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Try asking for nuts! 8O 8O

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