Thought you guys might like this

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by flowers, Jul 28, 2005.

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  1. This has been posted before, along with the sequel.

    Sorry to spoil your fun.
  2. Oops sorry!
    Just got sent to me this morning - my mistake! :oops:
  3. Funny and entertaining each and every time though
  4. how the hell dose it work
  5. Excuse me while i spend the rest of the day typing kiss into this website. Its getting hard to type with just my left hand!!

  6. boney ... try nurse
  7. Breasts and bum are also quite good :D

  8. FineX - you just type in words as actions like jump, run, strip, kiss etc etc

    The boys in the office have been typing in kiss, bra and lick all morning to both of them. Boys will be boys eh!? :-D
  9. ya i can see why kiss is populer
  10. But how the hell do I get her to pour that pint down her front?
  11. Aha! spoke too soon! 'Wet' would appear to be the answer
  12. "Strip" is rather frustrating!
  13. Can anyone enlighten me as to what software I need to make this site work for me. I just get a blank screen when I log on!
  14. stick bottle up your arrse doesn't work though