Thought police slapped down.

About 10 pounds

So a light controlled crossing in the old days was called a Pelican crossing - You pressed the button and say the green man come on the opposite side of the road you crossed.

A Puffin - you press the button and the box next to you where you pressed the button will show a green man, and (normally)you will not see it across the road. The idea is that you are looking at the green man and at the traffic approaching at the same time.

Does that make sense? These have been around at least 15 years

Do you know what a Toucan crossin and, Pegasus crossing are?
A toucan crossing is one where bikes can use it too. A two-can crossing.

NFU re a Pegasus crossing.
The congenital idiot who harassed Mr Miller said:

According to court papers, the constable explained to him: 'Sometimes, a woman's brain grows a man's body in the womb and that is what transgender is.'

Where on earth do they unearth these half-wits?
Lesson one. Day one. Week one. Diversity Training.
How long before there is an " unconscious hate crime " that you didn't even know you were committing but an oppressed minority feels that you were ?
They're already way ahead of the curve mate. And I quote: "It's not about whether they said something, sometimes it's just a feeling that you get".
GMTV Weather man to Piers Morgan.
I'll see if I can find the clip on YouTube.
Agreed, a police union that is publically combative and taking on the seniors would be a nice thing to see a message that the rank and file have had enough.
A Union - any Union taking on the PC culture? Do me a favour!
all foetuses initially develop as female if there's a Y chromosome present even in multi sex chromome messes it's highly likely that testes will develop around wk 10 and then produce bursts of testosterone that will force the development of male sexual physiology..
Hence why males have nipples.
A toucan crossing is one where bikes can use it too. A two-can crossing.

NFU re a Pegasus crossing.
What about in Wimbledon village, crossings there have buttons at several heights, including at about 7 foot for those on horesback. Three can just doesn't work? Three some might be a bit awkward. Perhaps they give Threedom to all to cross.
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Well, Jesus and the Apostles tell us humanity doesn't need to follow their laws to be saved. Instead, Jesus showed us what's behind all those laws, and we understand the observance of such laws were merely an expression of faith that saves us.
Have you ever considered psychiatric assessment. Belief in religion is a mental illness.

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