Thought police slapped down.

Which prompted me to look at the regulations on pedestrian crossings.

The "rainbow" crossing would appear not to comply with the requirements of the regulation.
You're correct, it doesn't comply but the link you gave is badly out of date.
These are the Regulations:

The Traffic Signs Manual is merely guidance. Guidance that a designer ignores at their peril but just guidance:
The congenital idiot who harassed Mr Miller said:

According to court papers, the constable explained to him: 'Sometimes, a woman's brain grows a man's body in the womb and that is what transgender is.'

Where on earth do they unearth these half-wits?

all foetuses initially develop as female if there's a Y chromosome present even in multi sex chromome messes it's highly likely that testes will develop around wk 10 and then produce bursts of testosterone that will force the development of male sexual physiology..
In fairness to the police, its MPs who pass virtue-signalling and other laws which the police then try to enforce.
Humberside police, the force in whose area this case arose, was found in 2018 to need to improve performance in preventing crime and keeping people safe. The allocation of resources to this case therefore seems wrong. It is however MPs who keep passing laws which require police to act.

it's hard I understand but shouldn;t the fed encourage the following conversational path...

overpromotedgraduateentrywanker: I'd like you to go to this address and have a word with the home owner about the tone of his twatter postings..

Honestdiligentworkingclassconstable :An I to effect an arrest for a committed offence, execute a warrant, or proceed on evidence of reasonable suspicion that an offence has been committed that allows entry to the property?

OPGEY No I just want the fascist bastard told off

HDWCC: So there's no actual real policing reason to go to this address at all?

OPGEY: No but the mans a monster and needs to be stopped....

HDWCC: Well sir unless you have some real policing to do you can **** right off and if you don't like it the fed can have the whole division working strictly and slavishly to rule within 24 hours....

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Police are required by law to record any hate incident or crime. There are 5 mandatory protected characteristics - religion,disability,gender...etc. Forces can also include others such as...being a goth for example. If ANY person, be it the so called victim, or an onlooker deems a hate crime/incident to have occurred and report it, police are required by home office counting rules to record it. If Jarrod called the police and said “a bloke in town barged past me today...I think he did it because I’m gay”...police have no option but to record as either hate crime or incident. If an onlooker saw a bloke barge past an Asian on an escalator during rush hour, and reported he thought he was barged past because he was has to be recorded.
This goes some way to explaining why the crime statistics, bbc type “hate crime has increased 20% since...” often appear to make out the UK is a stormfront enclave.

@Provost police don’t decide’s a home office directive.
It doesn't have to be just the five stated. Its what anyone believes to be a hate incident. BB calling peaple old white gammon could be classed as a hate incident.

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There are also a lot of people who fall under the “protected characteristics” who misunderstand the law. Many assume ANY offence committed against them constitutes a hate crime automatically- and report it as such. ...Still has to be recorded as such.
There is no such thing as a hate crime. There are normal crimes such as assault, public order, criminal damage which are racially agravated. Anybody can be a victim of such crimes i.e. a black person racially abusing a white person as in Racially agravated Section 4a Public Order Act 1986.

A stated case was where a somali male was convicted of Racially Agravated Section 4 POA against a west indian bus conducteress. He appealed on the basis that as they were both black he could not be racist. The law lords begged to differ and he lost his appeal.

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True, Im not certain but, I don’t think hate incidents etc, unless proved in court, are for the eyes of anyone but police. Happy to be corrected.
To be proved in court it would have to be a hate crime. A hate incident is not a crime but is an incident which the informant thinks is motivated by race as described in the McPherson report. The Home Office have directed police to record these.

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Happened round our way recently. The driver was found not to be at fault and (once he'd recovered from his serious injuries) the pedestrian was told 'WTF did you expect, crossing a busy road, on a bend, at night, in the pishing rain, wearing dark clothing, without looking'. Even funnier was the woman who drove past the cones and traffic car with its blues on blocking the road and nearly ran one of the Rats (traffic officers) over. How we laughed as he asked 'Excuse me madam, but what are you doing?' (or words to that effect) I don't know what her reply was but his next phrase was [sniff, sniff] 'Have you been drinking?' She certainly had and I ended up taking her to custody whence she blew way over the limit and has been banned.
Some of the highest scores on the breath machine in custody I came across were always women.

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Not at all, we had CAD, it’s just that back then coppers were allowed to use common sense, and to record and write incidents up properly. If you wrote things up accordingly no problem.
My personal rule was if in doubt, summons or arrest, take formal action and let some other bugger further up the pay scale make a final decision. Worked for me.:-D
The worst things that happened in control rooms is when they stated putting civies in there. When it was police officers they would bat off a lot of the crap on the phone and no CAD would be created as they would not want to send their collegues to crap calls. With civies (police staff) It would be call in, CAD out, no matter what pants it was.
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Some of the highest scores on the breath machine in custody I came across were always women.
When I did the 'naughty boy for speeding' course most of the attendees were women. I remarked on the issue and the looks I got were definitely a hate I followed it up with 'can't you count'? They all smiled....sheepishly.

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How do you know what The Police Federation do or do not do?

It’s not as if The MSM report day to day activity by them.
One of the most useless organisations going in my opinion. In 27 years a didn't have one good word to say about them. A Fed PC on Chief Inspectors wages. Using subs to go on beanos in 5 star hotels all inclusive weekends.

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About 10 pounds

So a light controlled crossing in the old days was called a Pelican crossing - You pressed the button and say the green man come on the opposite side of the road you crossed.

A Puffin - you press the button and the box next to you where you pressed the button will show a green man, and (normally)you will not see it across the road. The idea is that you are looking at the green man and at the traffic approaching at the same time.

Does that make sense? These have been around at least 15 years

Do you know what a Toucan crossin and, Pegasus crossing are?
Wasn't it something to do with tuffty and the green cross code.

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When I did the 'naughty boy for speeding' course most of the attendees were women. I remarked on the issue and the looks I got were definitely a hate I followed it up with 'can't you count'? They all smiled....sheepishly.
With Dangerous and Careless Driving. With men its always Dangerous Driving and with Women its always Careless driving.


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You know what we should do.

Any time a Vegan tells you off for eating meat call the police and report ot as a hate crime.

Any time a god botherer tells you you will go to hell - report it as a hate crime.

Any time someone tells you your football team is shite - report it as a hate crime.

I feel I can go on here a while
You deserve to burn in hell you soccer watching f%ck. Your team colors are gayer than aids btw.
With Dangerous and Careless Driving. With men its always Dangerous Driving and with Women its always Careless driving.
With my woman "the tree jumped out and hit the car" - I kid you not. On another occasion when she went straight into the back of a bright red car she said "who put rhat there?"

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The problem with all this started as a resut of the McPherson report 20 years ago as a result of the Lawrence enquiry.

Mchpherson recommended that even if an incident wasn't a crime, if the informant thought it was motivated by race it should be recorded by police. The Home Office directed that police do this.

The Met police decided that it would be recorded on its crime reporting system called Cris. This is so that they can be collated easily. The same is done with Non Crime Domestic Incidents. These do not get included in the national crime statistics. Only recordable offences are included in those.

If there is a named person whom is the subect of the incident, he/she is recorded in the report as an informant. Because they are recorded on a computer in accordance with the Data Protection Act, police are duty bound to speak to the suspect (who is not a suspect) and inform them of the allegation (that is not an allegation)

Now in the days where the most valued aspect of a police constable was common sense this was how it was done.

Knock on subjects door. Tell him politely that you are not investigating a crime and he doesn't have to speak to you if he doesn't want to and he can tell you to bog off if he wants to but You are required by law to inform him of the allegation (that is not an allegation). Imitate that it is a waste of both your time and you would much rather be catching burglars, rapists, and letching at the fanny on Kilburn High Road.

Now he could tell you he is not speaking with you and you can bog off. This is no problem. I just record this on the crime report (which is not a crime).

However generaly you have got him on side and he says "This seems like a pile of pants officer and I can see you would much rather be catching burglars, rapists, and letching at the fanny on Kilburn Road. Can I write out a cheque for the police widdows and orphans fund.

Job done, everyone happy. Write up the crime report (which is not a crime) and close it.

The problem is this needs common sense and peaple skills which have all but disappeared in the modern plod due to the fact that they have been recruited after jumping through PC hoops and this daft idea of a policing degree.

In the days when peaple like Provost, Gout man and I joined in the eighties most PCs were recruited from ex servicemen and skilled trades men like electicians,and boilermen common sense was ingrained. Any old policeman from 1829 onwards would tell you that the most important qualities of a policeman was common sense and the ability to speak to peaple.

Eat your heart out George Dixon. Sadly a lot of todays plod although very intelligent and well educated, don,t seem to posses these characteristics.
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