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Genuine question, what's a Puffin crossing?
About 10 pounds

So a light controlled crossing in the old days was called a Pelican crossing - You pressed the button and say the green man come on the opposite side of the road you crossed.

A Puffin - you press the button and the box next to you where you pressed the button will show a green man, and (normally)you will not see it across the road. The idea is that you are looking at the green man and at the traffic approaching at the same time.

Does that make sense? These have been around at least 15 years

Do you know what a Toucan crossin and, Pegasus crossing are?
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Police Fedearation - ah there is a bit of a whiff about that from what I remember - did it ever get sorted:
Plebgate anyone?
The police organisation that led the fight against government budget cuts to the service should pay back millions of pounds to rank-and-file officers after revelations about its huge cash reserves and secret accounts, MPs said in a damning report today.

The critical report is the latest blow to the Police Federation of England and Wales – which represents officers up to the rank of chief inspector – after a series of damaging episodes that revealed bullying within its upper echelons and chaos in its financial affairs.
The schisms emerged publicly during infighting over attempts to reform the body, after regional officials were accused of involvement in a plot to unseat former Tory Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell over the “Plebgate” saga in September 2012.
Senior officials have been accused of lavish spending on credit cards with decision-making taking place during alcohol-fuelled late night discussions, according to Fiona McElroy, a senior spokeswoman for the body, who was dismissed after four months.

The organisation sits on reserves of some £70m, according to figures given to the Home Affairs Select Committee, with assets taking the total to some £107m.
The reserves included some £35m in accounts held by the organisation’s branches and their secretive “number two” accounts that were off-limits to the national leadership. The MPs said police officers should each receive £120 rebates for their subscriptions, which went up sharply in 2011.
Genuine question, what's a Puffin crossing?

As explained above, the picture of the red or green man is on the box on the post.
Is that somewhere in syria?

Which should answer the actual question. But now we are into toucans and pegasuses so go for gold
I had to Google the Pegasus one, which is shameful for someone with advanced driver training. I'll need to be thoroughly spanked when my mum's friend isn't busy.

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