thought police at Oxford

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by codbutt, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. Oxford students suspended over sexist emails
    Times Online and agencies

    Fifteen students at an Oxford college have been suspended pending an investigation in to claims that members of a drinking society sent a series of sexist emails.

    The male students, all thought to be members of the Penguin Club at Hertford College, drew up a "list of fitties" which graded female students, it has been alleged.

    Comments and derogatory descriptions were attributed to photos of the young women, which included "only if we're desperate" or "buy condoms".

    The emails came to light after an anonymous whistleblower posted them on college notice boards overnight.

    They also revealed the club's initiation rituals, which include forcing new recruits to perform a naked streak smeared in goose fat and eat raw squid.

    It is understood members of the club, which was formed last year, wear maroon ties with gold penguin logos.

    A university spokesman said: “We take these allegations, and that’s all they are at this stage, very seriously and the matter is currently under investigation.

    “The students have been temporarily suspended as part of that process but that is not to say that it is a punishment or a judgment against them at this stage.

    “It’s part of the process of the investigation. We are still trying to get to the bottom of it all.”

    He added that concerns were raised about the behaviour of the Penguin Club members before the emails surfaced.

    The college’s notable alumni include former home secretary Jacqui Smith, newsreaders Natasha Kaplinsky and Fiona Bruce, and author Evelyn Waugh.

    In a stern letter, the college Dean said students should "reflect on the privilege of College membership and focus on the main purpose of being at Oxford.”
  2. Horrific to think that men are allowed to be attracted to women nowadays isn't it.

    According to NuLabour only homosexual relationships are allowed.

  3. Fukcing slow news day - It's a Uni after all, don't expect them to be studying all the time!
  4. Fixed it for you!
  5. Oh dear. This is a truly sad reflection of the abysmal standards of our brightest and best educated youths? Have they learned nothing about acceptable conduct. I mean, e-mail - asking for trouble.
  6. The Daily Mail (I know) suggests it wasn't the lists themselves but the discovery that the students were inviting a number of 17-18 year old, A-level girls from a nearby school, with the intention of getting them very drunk and having sex. Fatal flaw in the plan was a number of the girls being daughters of the College staff.
  7. Dunno about thought police, someone wants to call the fashion police 8O
  8. in which case probably a good idea to educate these boys about the possible consequences of such actions - for their sakes as well as the potential victims'
    Difficult to believe so called "educated" people would be so stupid in this day and age
  9. Student drinking club? Fcuk off. What are they going to do next? Pi$s on a war memorial?
  10. What STDs? A hangover?

    Last time I checked drinking and f*cking was still legal.
  11. errrrmmmmmmmmm possible rape allegations???????????
  12. That can happen anywhere, any night , to any bloke out on the p1ss who shags a drunk bird, it won't stop me and I'm sure it won't stop others.

    Why are these girls anymore likely to make allegations than any others, or are you just being a bit prudish?
  13. not ready the story but just making comment on what is posted here - if anyone is going out with intention of getting young girls sloshed then having sex they need to be aware of the possible consequences- no comment on liklihood of girls in this neighbourhood being any more likely to make allegations then anywhere else
  14. It is being implied that the list was a rape-list. Very much on the seedy side of shagging drunk birds v premeditated rape.
  15. It must be a slow news day over there.

    When you have hormonal little rich boys being sent down for being plonkers, it does make you wonder as to the quality of entrants in higher education! Quite apart from academia, Uni is about life skills, something it would appear this bunch of morons lack. They should have invested in a blow up doll, its low maintanence, passive, and won't cost them an arm and a leg in beverage bills. Obviously they lacked the intelligence to think outside the box! I do so hope none of the male runts were studying medicine with a view to gynecology!

    If the powers that be do want to pursue the case, they may have good grounds in terms of premeditation. I can imagine this bunch come from 'good homes' lol, so the daddies would have the money to bail their boys out! The way the world is they will in all likelyhood get away with it, after all no crime was committed.....and well, boys will be boys! :roll:

    I'm wondering if this bunch were planning on hunting in a pack? I'd love to see a good prosecutor get their teeth into that one.