Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by wrinkles, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. wrinkles

    wrinkles Old-Salt

    After the gulf and afghanistan is finished which unit will be responsible for collecting the brass?
  2. Vimeiro

    Vimeiro LE

    ...who know's. Might be so far in the future, that there would have been a load of amalgamations by then.
  3. whit_RE

    whit_RE War Hero

    I've been out a while and wondered if you still get 'fined' a sticky for everyone you miss?
  4. bobath

    bobath LE

    Thats a hell of a lot of "areas" to do as well. I don't care if you don't smoke you still have to pick up fag ends.
  5. EX_STAB


    Well when the Iraqis have run out of oil and the Afghans have had all their poppies burned, they will be able to start new economies as metal re-cyclers and exporters.
  6. I thought they were already doing that with powerlines.
  7. remeal

    remeal Clanker

    Convoy & Rigger are the experts!
  8. Vimeiro

    Vimeiro LE

    Good thought. Years ago whilst traveling on the hippy trail I went to a village called Darra in Pakistan's NWFP. Darra's claim to fame is that it is full of gunsmiths who can copy any weapon.

    All you need to do test fire anything is buy the ammunition and the testing range is on the roof, or out the back. Whilst fireing there's always a crowd of children fighting over the brass ass soon as it is ejected.