Thought I'd Seen It All

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brummieboy1, Aug 7, 2011.

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  1. Got caught up in the bollox on the M25 yesterday, was going to me Grand Daughters wedding, but only got to the reception on the night.

    Anyway, sat in the traffic jam, saw an NL plated car pull out of the traffic onto the hard shoulder and drive forward, I thought to meself what a cheeky cunt, but then the car stopped, the driver, a young woman, got out and pulled her keks down, had a piss, pulled her keks up again and got in the car and got back into the traffic.

    Took 6 hours to cover 5 miles, but was worth it just to watch the cloggie bird having a whiz. Sorry, no pics.
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  2. almost makes the wait worthwhile. what the fuck would cause a traffic jam like that?
  3. Broken down lorry, only one and the entire M25 in BOTH directions closed down....we need to seriously overhaul/re-train our lads who are in charge of motorway traffic incidents.
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  4. Hadn't it crashed, spilling a load of diesel everywhere?
  5. ARRSE report for Brummieboy1 2011 - Must try harder. (Hmm.. that seems to ring a bell somehow)!
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  6. I heard it was caused by traffic slowing down to rubberneck at some dutch bird with her mott out.
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  7. There was a time once when I thought I'd seen it all.

    Then 'she' took off her knickers and I realised I hadn't.
  8. Deleted due to premature posting about an inability of poster to put up pics. Sorry!
  9. Fuck off cunt.
  10. When you've gotta go ...

    Reminded me of the coach trip I took from Paris to a rock festival in Belgium, coach pulls onto the hard shoulder, everyone leaves coach and lines up in adjoining field, blokes to one side, females at the other for a mass pee ... well when in Rome ...
  11. Your car is only a metre wide?
  12. ….. Or Belgium even…..

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  13. That's one hell of a detour,France to Belgium via Rome.
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