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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ragyman, Feb 12, 2005.

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  1. I don't know if this idea has croosed anyones mind or if it was just me that thinks PTIs and Chavs are very similar.

    1. Both waer white trainers and tracky bottoms.
    2. They both share the same amount of knowledge of drugs. (oppersit angles though)
    2. Both do a lot of running.
    3. Both like chatting inersant old women up in the street.

    There is only two differances these are that PTIs have had training on hos to use weapons and Chavs find out the easy way - and that Chavs look smart in trackies and white trainers.
  2. Here's another yourself a dictionary.
  3. Hope your not teaching English with typing skills that you show in your posts :roll:
  4. Does anyone else find this knobs posts dull?
  5. LOL :p :p :p

    As tyhis post is ful of speling mistaks, I are inlklined to agreee wiv the post abuv.

  6. Well, Ragyman sorry to disapoint you iam a PTI, And i'am afraid i don't own any 'Burberry' nor do i wear trackies {Unless i'am doing Fizz} Sorry to disapoint you, But your theory is bo**cks.

    And NO i don't drive a Ford escort :)
  7. Well I have some bad news for you because it's Novas that Chavs drive.

    Can I also say in my deffence that I have nothing against PTIs because some of my mates are also PTIs and I have also done my All Arms PTI course. I was just modeling other PTIs on my Chavness. :lol: 8) :lol:

    Yet again if you don't believe be fire a question this way.
  8. Okies who is be? Do we know them/him/her/it?
  9. :lol: Yet you still read them
  10. Sorry be was ament to mean me. now do you understand?

    Well said RC.

    The only reason they read and post on my threads, and slag me is because they are bored regular posters that happen to be cnuts with nothing else better to do with their time. :lol:

    If you don't like my posts GTF and don't bother reading this post.

    Ooops to late you just did!!!
  11. My point has been proven. If Biscuits wasn't a bored regular he would not have come up with only one word in response.
  12. If it was not for the fact that this is a website and you cannot hear what I'm saying, I would not be posting this post saying:

    I'm not even going to satisfy that with an answer!!!