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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by wandering_sole, Jan 27, 2002.

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  1. Could we have an Army story board... the old stories we all like to hear at the bar.  11 o'clock at night and you hear the old.." I remember one time..." 2 minutes later the bar is awash with urine?  just a thought
  2. I have made it so!
  3. how about a media ops board you know KAPE ETC
  4. ... and what about one for specific units, formations, headquarters and the like.
  5. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    I think I'll refrain from making any more new boards unless I get at least 5 votes for one, and I think it will get used.
  6. ... oh go on and be a sport. You are denying MOD, DPA, PJHQ, LAND, ARRC, the sixth floor tea ladies, etc. a voice. Think of what whines and whoppers we could glean from a board dedicated to them. If you are still convinced ARRSE won't benefit, derive prestige, increase in popularity or gain additional credibility from providing a forum for organisations like these then give us a miscellaneous area somewhere. The only two you have allowed us are “Miscellaneous Course and Issues” under “Military Training Courses” and “The Rest” under “Sports and Adventurous Training”, hardly the most logical areas in which to harbour what is likely to be your biggest and most important growth area.
  7. I'd be up for an ARRC board.. I'll even be the moderator if ye like mate!  ;D

    Upstart? But you can't be a dodgy underground magazine AND a person.. what's going on here? ;)
  8. How many boards do we need though? Surely we can start an ARRC thread somewhere without it having its own board. How many boards do we need? If every formation etc had its own board then I'm going to need a longer monitor to fit them all in. Surely ARRC etc have the same functions as elsewhere, G1 2 3 4 etc? And we seem to have boards for those functions already so if there is a problem with MS at the ARRC (If there isn't by the way then something is badly wrong!), then we have an ARRC post in the already established Adjts board etc. If we are having one for all units and formations though, can I have one for B Sqn JLR RAC circa 1978?

    Only joking
  9. Hey Davie I ain’t having that. “Dodgy”, “Underground” moi!

    Civvy business studies, mate. Told me I have to diversify or go under. Ok, ok so you think I have gone under already.

    Many thanks for your support. If you want to be the Moderator, the situation is vacant. I couldn't tolerate the restrictions the self-discipline of the post imposes.

    We may have to find a way of persuading the all-powerful upstairs (course you can’t be one of them, Daleks have problems with stairs don’t they) that we shouldn’t be gagged. If they won’t provide us a slot then we may need to camp somewhere and prove our worth. Let’s have another go. We at least got the CO and Tara to respond and thats a start.
  10. I understand where The Tara’s coming from and limits have to placed somewhere though confining banter to G1, G2, etc. will not achieve the aim of pan topic discussion. I believe we could have a lot of fun in reading what the major headquarters have to say, MOD, PJHQ Land and the like. It is my hope that ARRC would fall into this category though admittedly at the bottom end. My fall back suggestion for a “Miscellaneous” section was to establish an appropriate place to start a thread. The problem with threads covering such large organisations is the number of concurrent different exchanges ending up interleaved. Perhaps we need a procedure for promoting popular threads while saying Goodbye to the weakest... and there are a few.
  11. I agree with that.. especially on some of the Sports boards.. Can we put it to the vote? What boards do the rest of you think are so underused that they should be 'put down'?
  12. A major headquarters board?  We'll give it a go, but I agree with earlier comments that we can't start having a board for every HQ (not that we've many left, of course).  Suitable name, anyone?
  13. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    My view is that the general board structure is fine at the moment.

    Although it's not entirely doctrinal in its layout, ie G1-10, or structured round the Core Functions or Operational Framework, it'd be pretty tough to make sweeping changes now.

    Adding boards should not be done too frequently, but if we do, can we have one for the Generals' Mess, please?
  14. sir get rid of all the remfs stuff or maybe i am being cheeky
  15. Melchett's Place