thought and advice on voluntary reduntancy

i have been offered £23K of VR to leave this will pay my mortage off and other debt leaving me with possibly £2-3k to tide me over, im thinking on it, Im 38, i will have to start looking for a new job soonish if i do go through with it.

has anybody else been there and perhaps give me some pointers and advice ?
23k to leave at 38?? Depends what rank you are/time left to serve dunnit. Would suggest that if you're an SNCO with only a few years left then it's prob better serving till end and getting the 30k gratuity plus immediate pension?????
If you're a JNCO with 10 yrs left (late entry?) then the choice is more difficult and will depend on personal preferences.
Too many variables for me!

The way to do it is with a spreadsheet. The columns are for each year; the rows include salary, pension and gratuity. Sum each option in the columns to give you an annual cashflow and use the function of NPV to give you a comparison. The cash payment and pension is buying out your salary over the next x years. Money now is usually better than money in y years time.

Now it depends what you do for a living, and if there are a number of those types of job around for you to go into. What other work could you do are trained to do also would your salary in a new job be any thing like what you are now earning. Is there plenty of work in the area that you live in, all questions that you should be asking your self

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