Thouasands join army to beat recession

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jubbles, May 9, 2009.

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  1. Source: MoD - DASA - TSP3.
  2. This happened in the 80s deja vous.
  3. They should lift all the recruitment caps, at least it would get the unemployment figures down
  4. This could be a really stupid question, but I have been wondering what happens when the army reaches its maximum amount of troops? Do they make selection a lot harder or do they just reduce the intake?

    Sorry if it's a stupid question. :roll:
  5. They are 1, joining for the wrong reasons, and 2, they will never get rich digging a ditch :!: 3, does that mean that there will be a mass exidus from the forces once the recession blowes over :?:
  6. I've finally decided to join up this year (im 26) and its nothing to do with the recession or any ad campaign i just decided the time was right and i dont believe its a quick financial fix as it takes months to go though the whole selection process, its ages until you get any wages & if your only joining up for the money then i guess you shouldnt bother (thats just my opinion).
  7. Here is another stupid question. Just exactly how does a country full of unemployed people i.e. non-tax payers, afford an increase in the Forces numbers?
  8. Are we nearing manning figure due to increased recruitment or because the Govt. have cut back so much we simply do not require the larger number of recruits?

  9. Well good luck, mate don't let your age put you off. A PCSO mate of mine applied last year at 28. He was the same age as the recruiting sergeant and they made him feel like such an old man it put him off in the end. He's regretting it now.
  10. I wonder what it would be like if there was a massive joining of the forces, so it became say 6x larger what would actually happen?

    I quite like the idea of us having a huge army again, anyone up for giving china and north korea a run for who can be the most militarised state?
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Tell him to go and speak to the TA.

  12. im not letting my age put me off!! lol im thinking the fact im a bit more mature than when i was say 19 will mean i can deal with the discipline better, im going for the full 22 i reckon all i wanna do is join up and serve the country.
  13. Good point. Why not lay the forces off altogether? We'd save billions...

    Are you an MP?
  14. er, the counties not "full of unemployed people" you knob end, the UK ,s unemployment rates around eight per cent which means out of every 100 eight aint working and 92 are.