"thou Shalt Steal

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by scruff_2, Dec 22, 2009.

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  1. "The Lord helps those who help themselves"

    SK :evil:
  2. The guy's got a reputation locally as a right tw@ who loves the headlines too much.
  3. He asks that people only steal from large national businesses. I assume he means the church.
  4. Wonder if he has any lead left on the roof :roll:
  5. He just reminded me why I always donate to the Sally Army.
  6. Most priests steal little boys virginity. The RC church is the largest organised paedophile ring in the world.
  7. Our ju jitsu club rents the Bethal Church Hall. I am not religious but the Bethal types seem OK. They do lunches free for the destitute one day per week on a rota with other small churches in the area. So it is possible to have a free cooked meal every day for homeless and destitute in the area. They also do the same 3 course meal for £3 for pensioners.

    Amongst the cooks they have two juvenile offenders who Probation and Social Services pretty much gave up on.

    I take along surplus veggie from our allotments assn. And the pastor told me the juvenile cooks had made stuffed kohl rabi, stuffed marrow, damson crumble etc with the donated allotment produce. Apparently the two lads have found they are good at something. Jamie Oliver look out.

    But we would be really p-ssed off if someone chose to steal from our allotments. The last one had a "home visit" in which his crowbar was confiscated. We give the surplus away to whom we choose.

    If anyone needs food why not till an allotment. It is a statute law right that the working poor (working being a questionable aspect now) have land to grow their own food.

    If a vicar were advocating theft I think I can guess where the crowbar would end up .. sideways and wedged.
  8. Would "I was on a mission from God" be accepted as mitigating circumstances in court?
  9. What a pillock,there´s a good german proverb `Prayer helps sometimes but work helps always´.I can´t imagine that there are that many people in Britain that have to steal money or food to survive,and a conviction for shoplifting isn´t going to help their future prospects of employment is it.Get a Job would be better advice and move away to get one If there´s no other answer.

    midnight-ex dishwasher!
  10. Presumably, that would hold true of vigilantism as well? Or is it only scrotes who get the free pass from God?
  11. tbf the vicar was on the TV.
    explaining himself theres a tiny miniority, i.e get out of jail end up homeless etc
    Benefits rather than giving you a large screen tv etc etc :roll: can take several weeks to pay out anything.
    Seen that myself madperson got £5000 back payment of benefits he was entitled to had been living rough in a park living off charity :twisted:
    prisoners get out of jail with £40 odd quid to last a fortnight fine if you've got family to go back to.
  12. My mother goes to the Salvation Army hall having had it (after 50+ years) with the established church.

    William Manchester (I think) had hard opinions about the Red Cross versus the Salvation Army - I think he stole from the former and gave to the latter based on his (and his father's) experiences.
  13. Thanks, Father. Will do!
  14. Thats christmas sorted then.
    I'll just nip down to the asda and load up a trolley with all sorts of food, drink and a new telly.
    If i'm stopped by security, i will just tell them that i'm on a mission from god :D