Those you love to hate?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by arfurwing, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. Just throwing this out there, total tongue in cheek..................

    After reading about this Justin Bieber fellow and how some members dislike him, anyone care to throw in into the hat thier own personal opinions of those who get on their wick!

    Mine in no particular order:

    1. Hugh Laurie! A highly educated, articulate, intelligent, talented individual who can speak 3 or 4 languages, a top flight varsity sports man, a pianist with nubile teens throwing themselves all over him in Hollywood since doing 'House'......... A must for most men to hate and women to love!

    2. Piers Morgan! A smug tw*t I just want to punch. Full stop!

    3. Martin McGuiness! How did this murdering low life piece of dog sh*t ever become a legitimate politician?

    4. Traffic Wardens in central London! May a thousand fleas infest thier underpants!

    5. People at airports going on package holidays to Spain, Turkey etc, etc. The ones where the women wear gold open toed shoes, slacks with elastic waist bands, have a bleached blond behive hair cut, poorly applied make up and read Heat magazine in between doing feckin Soduko and word searches. Husband will have a mullet, a beer darby like he is smuggling a space hopper under his football shirt, sport an ear ring at 50 and starts boozing in the airport at 6am.....................

    Like I said, not legitimate beefs or real hate, but it may be interesting and raise a wry smile to hear of others opinions on "those you love to hate"!
  2. 1) Ian Huntley and associates, bring back Public Hanging

    2) Jeremy Kyle and 100% of the Dross on its "Show", bring back the Arbeitslager

    3) All of the Leftist "Social workers" who support the likes of the said Dross in society, who somehow believe that they can be educated. Bring back Margaret Thatcher

    4) People who squeeze past your car with a shopping trolley (should be No.1 really)

    5) Overweight Readers Wives who insist on wearing Pink Fluffy slippers and underwear in an attempt to make them look er, sexy

    6) Wannabe Paris Hiltons complete with Chiwawa (spelling) Louis Fuitton Handbag, trowelled-on Make-up, but on about 1200 quid a month employed as a Secretary

    7) Talentless Crettins who become famous for putting a totally wank video on Youtube of themselves, because they find support and sympathy from millions of other talentless morons

    8 ) Any participant in BB and other "reality shows, the producers, their relatives, friends, etc (espec Jade Goody, fucking nobody Scum)

    9) Any DIY-er that goes into Screwfix and needs "one No.3 slot-headed screw, Whitworth 18/64ths inch, but with a sort of concave-ish type head, no, er, convex" whilst 30 Tradesmen are queued up waiting

    10) People who craft their lives (or futily attempt) on Celebs and spend 20 quid a week on the OK! Hello! rags

    Apart from that, I m a very tolerant person.........
  3. Amen my brother. Nuff said
  4. Oh yes! Good call!
  5. In no particular order:

    Piers Morgan
    Louis Spence
    James Corden

    All 5 drive me fecking insane with rage
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  6. Sir, I concur!
  7. The Chakrabati yoomin rights lawyer...... Grrrrr
  8. I want to kick him in his face to he no longer lisps, talks breathes,moves or sucks cock
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  9. I've head of Morgan, he needs taking up the woods and shootin'. Who the feck are the rest of them?
  10. <wah shield>
    Kerry Katona - coke headed scutter ex-of some pop group made and lost millions during a reality show
    Jordan - was fit at 17 then went downhill rapidment, before, during and after her reality show
    Louis Spence - reality TV dancer type with more mince than the chilli I cooked last night

    See a pattern emerging?

    James Corden - fat cnut unfunny untalented waste of o2 was in Gavin and Stacey I think

    </wah shield>
  11. The kids in "Outnumbered".
    The adults in "Outnumbered".
    The bird in "Being Human".
    The ignorant bast..d who hit my car and didn't leave details when I returned to it.
    My boss.

    This list is by no way the final list so I will be editing as I feel the need.
  12. I have to say I feel sorry for her, shes damaged after being fucked to bits by her uncle & first couple of BFs
  13. Wasnt there a vid of Dane Bowers sticking his big toe up her clam?
  14. But not for her having to drag that black bag of dribbling spuds round with her.
  15. yes first recorded case of athlete's cunt
    what she couldn't have afforded a bottle of gin or a knitting needle