Those Who Kill - Danish TV Series

ITV3 (UK ) would now seem to be in competition with BBC4 in airing yet another continental cop drama. If, like me, you enjoyed the very excellent 'Spiral' (French) and 'The Killing' ( Danish ) this series will not disappoint.

THe first couple of episodes were rolled into one to introduce the series to UK. The characters, as with the other series mentioned, have a female inspector (Insp. Katrine), who is at odds with her system, has issues with authority, insists on taking advice from a 'civvie' forensic psychologist ( Thomas) in this episode to assist in trapping a serial killer. Thomas, not surprisingly, is not held in good regard by Katrine's boss. His 'Cracker' skills are on a par with voodoo as far as the regular police team are concerned. You get the feel. The opening episode(s) were very well scripted and acted. Good balance of action and suspense wrapped into a plausible storyline. Yup, it's in Danish with sub-titles, though that doesn't detract from the viewing in my opinion. Well worth a squint.
I loved Forbydelsen I & II and before that Wallander though I perferred Krister Henriksson to Rolf Lassgard.I've just finnished watching Borgen which was good but ended on a bit of a low IMHO.
I tried watching the UK versions of both Forbrydelsen and Wallander but they seem to lose something in the translation.
Looking forward to watching Those Who Kill .

fixed it.....happy now ??^_~


There isn't a UK version of The Killing. And if you're going to be pretentious and show off, the correct spelling is 'Forbrydelsen'.

Pedant mode off.
I didn't watch it when it was on over here, but Mrs. Terrier was a big fan, at least for the first few episodes. IIRC the quality of the storylines fell off a bit about halfway through the series.
There isn't a US version of The Killing. And if you're going to be pretentious and show off, the correct spelling is 'Forbrydelsen'.

Pedant mode off.

well sorry I got it wrong it was American ( still wasn't very good) and I've sorted the spelling Mr Forastero .Happy now??
Anything Danish with subtitles gets my vote. Or is that another type of film I have been watching?
Sorry Florence, you're still missing an 'r'.

Go and eat some pickled herring, then wash it down with a nice bottle of Rød Aalborg, you'll be speaking fluent Danish in no time.
I tried it for 10 minutes.That was enough for me.
I did however enjoy the septic version of The Killing.I assume that will take off from where it finished?
I can't get on with these Danish/Swedish things. I think it's to do with the sound of the language not giving you a clue about the jist of what is being said, and the sub-titles are too long and complicated - too much like sentences from a book.

Not that I don't like subtitles, Das Boot should only be watched in German with subtitles - the English (American) language dubbed version was completely **** - and I really enjoy the Insp Montalbano series running on BBC4 in sub-titled Italian.

But I find the Scandinavian languages are much harder to follow. I'd rather read the translated books.
I'm hooked. Watched both episodes. The subtitles do throw out some peculiar translations but on the whole an enjoyable series. Only prob I have is the apparent lack of intonation in either of the main characters speech patterns.

As for Das Boot. Micawber totally agree about watching it in German with subtitles. A masterpiece should never be meddled with to make it easier for a spoon-fed audience to understand.

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