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Australians remember charge of courage
By Our Foreign Staff
Last Updated: 2:33am GMT 01/11/2007

The last great cavalry charge of the First World War was re-enacted in Israel when dozens of Australians rode into Beersheba to mark the 90th anniversary of the town's capture from the Ottoman Turks.

The Australian Infantry Honor Guard ride their horses into Beersheba

They were in the Negev desert to commemorate the day when Brig Gen William Grant and eight hundred soldiers of the 4th Light Horse Brigade armed only with bayonets set out with the sun in their eyes to charge the Turkish defences at Beersheba.

They overcame the enemy trenches before penetrating the town's walls and seizing its precious wells.

The charge is considered one of the most significant victories of the Sinai and Palestine Campaign, when British Imperial forces marched on the Holy Land from Egypt to try to dislodge the Ottoman Turks.
Obviously the story has it's roots in Leftpondia or shirley it would be Honour Guard

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