Those two little words.....

How many times have you been on the lash,only to wake up the next day with a head like a drum kit for Iron Maiden,A gob that tastes like yo've been muffing Ann Robinson & the missus either angry at you 'cause you were a complete t**t last night or 'cause she's as fresh as a daisy,Only to utter the immortally groaning words.......


To which she burst's out laughing 'cause she know's it'll be the same again next week??
Well, I've eradicated the spouse/partner factor of the scenario........
....... and I was tempted to say "every day", but, what really p1sses me off is when I wake up feeling like sh1t and say those 2 words .... only to realise that not a single drop passed my lips the night before!!! :?
Never woken with a missus spike , angry or otherwise 8O
When I lived at home I was so drunk I had to be sick. Made it too the loo ok, did the biz, but then couldn't get up, and my head was dropping further down the loo by the second. Made a massive effort to stand up, heard a noise and wondered if I'd woken the parents but no shouting ensued so went to bed. Next morning I was asked how the head was, which puzzled me as I never get headaches with hangovers, just a bad stomach. Turns out the noise I'd heard was my head ricocheting off the wall behind me...was so drunk I never felt a thing :lol: But yes, the two words were uttered, to the hysterical laughter of my parents...

Has anyone ever done anything so stupid that even in your drunken state you realise is stupid and can't stop laughing? I regularly woke my parents up crashing through the door and then 'shhhhhhh-ing' the front door, only to realise it was funny and keep them awake laughing....

Aaaah the good ole days :lol:
I was about 15, drunk as a skunk. Mum put me to bed and after a few mins in a blind panic i opened my bedroom window and chucked...all over my dad who was stood at the front door beneath my window..Oh dear 8O
First time I got bladdered was at 13, as it was New Years Eve and our respective sets of parents where getting merry downstairs my mate and I nipped down to his kitchen and nabbed two cans of Special Brew and a couple of straws, Remember downing it and then waking up in my own bed.

Impressed that I had got bladdered and had no after effects I made my way downstairs where my mothers scowl was stripping the paint of the wall and father had a faint smirk on his coupon. Confronted with the "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU UP TO GETTING DRUNK LAST NIGHT" I tried to Jedi Mind Trick my way out of it with "MUM I DID NOT GET DRUNK OK!!" over and over.

At which point Father simply looks up and in a quiet voice said ..

"Thats what you said last night but as I kept telling you coming across the road .. Your mother is the one with the t1ts!!"
Went on a bender last year in the mess,got totally bladdered (someone had bought a small bottle of Absinth!) & woke up sitting on the bog when some b***** chucked a cup of water over the stile to wake me up!!!
My 15 1/2 yr old son came home rather the worse for wear last night (for the first time) - good lad - when asked why - he said well i wanted to know what it felt like to be p1ssed - says he wont be doing it again but considering hes a rugby playing forward and wants to be a fisherman when he finishes school - dont believe this will last.

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