Those Three Little Words...

I suppose I'd known it since I first met her, but as time went on it became certain that sooner or later I'd say those three little words to her.

I tried many times but always seemed to become tongue-tied when it came down to it. You know how it is, some things are easy to say, and some things require a bit more thought. It's not as if I'm shy or anything, but somehow I couldn't bring myself to say it.

It's strange the way it is, I can say anything to my mates, even to complete strangers for that matter, but this time I always seemed to end up talking about something different.

Maybe it was just me, but I'd never said it to a girlfriend before. Perhaps that's why I couldn't just say it!

Three words, that's all, it should only be the work of a couple of seconds, but it wasn't as easy as all that.

As time passed, I knew I'd have to tell her how I felt, she'd look at me expectantly, she could tell that I'd something on my mind.

Finally, I decided that it was time though I knew that after I'd said those three little words, our relationship would never be the same again.

As we sat in front of the fire, drinking our wine, I turned to her and said those three fateful words:


Strangely enough, she didn't want to see me anymore...... I just don't get it, I thought they wanted us to tell them how we feel!
T_T bad drills.

Why weren't you down there polishing the smellyness with your tongue, and adding in a hoop dhobi for good measure????
a gentler way to deliver this piece of hygiene coaching might have been to move as close as you could bear to be and then whisper "Close your legs love, your meat smells!"

To which she could either break down in tears or explain that it was the only way she could keep the flies off her chips...

(Trad. MDN, arranged Cuddles with regards to The Macc Lads)
Surely 'Those three little words' should only ever be - Suck Me Dry. 8)

With regards to a smelly minge, i can highly recommend a hearty exclamation of SWEET JESUS, whilst recoiling away from the offending article, holding ones nose :D
Dear God, who says chivalry is dead?
It's not dead, it's just surgically removed during basic training/first term. It's been known to grow back but usually mutates slightly.
crouching_tiger said:
It's not dead, it's just surgically removed during basic training/first term. It's been known to grow back but usually mutates slightly.
I'll bear that in mind ;)
Sniff your arm pit. Does it smell the same. In my youthful days i once binned a bitch for this. Only realising afterwards it was sweat that she was producing through going running trying to lose that "pinch an inch" for me.

Be a man. Munch the Minge!
Delia's cook books recommend a used teabag for removing the smell of fish from your fingers........................

In future, when she wants you to get down to it, brew up first...........and take the teabag with you. (Let it cool first.........or not...... :wink: )
Try the old "positive terminal negative terminal" to take your mind off of the Haddock Hammock smelling!!

One big lick on the Minge, one big lick on the Brown eye!!

Just like licking a AA battery, and very similar in distance between the 2 terminus's.

Make dinner cuntychops?

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