Those sigs blokes

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Feb 13, 2005.

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  1. What is it with the sigs blokes? We have one set bitching about everything on earth and stratosphere and a smaller number who seem to talk sense and advocate that the wingers do their jobs and sort out the problems. What seems to be the real trouble at Blandford?
    Perhaps we need a new forum - creche so they can play nicely and we will know what to expect if we go in there.
  2. Hev you ever served with them? Not so much the JNCOs and Toms, but thier SNCOS and Warrants. Man, what a bunch of analy retentive tw*ts they are.

    The best bit is when they try to convince Infanteers that the Sigs are a 'teeth arm'. Talk about insecure.
  3. I always regarded them as a corps that thought it was a regiment.
  4. What seems to have happened is theres been a change "at the top" in Blandford and someone has interupted the otherwise nice life of a bunch of children who think the Sigs owes them a living.

    As i pointed out on the Sigs threads, all they have achieved with their whinges is making the entire Corps look like a bunch of tossers in front of the entire arrse readership. I can only apologise for them, although i hate to.

    I've also recomended on the Sigs threads a contiguious cull of technician upgraders, which will hopefully solve the current problem. Worked with the foot and mouth.

  5. Sigs Officers are cut from the same cloth always bleating about "being JIFFED"
  6. Think a few of them have discovered beer, so hopefully the Sigs threads will be back to normal shortly...... One can hope :?
  7. Where is Blandford anyway?!
  8. Down Sarf
  9. Search on google for the shallowest gene pool in the country and your almost there :wink:

  10. I left R. Sigs some 15 years ago and the bullsh1t involved about being infanteers was something to wonder about. Although I wasn't much to do with radios and dits and dahs, I was surrounded by loads who were. Good professional blokes on the whole but for some reason, we were at Vogelsang and all points West, firing everything we were allowed to. I loved it but as for stringing up my pretend claymores and having to shout bang on FIBUA because we didn't have the blanks to go round.
  11. That is slightly unfair AB, yes we have our walters, just like everyone else. Most SNCO's/WO's will tell you they are a Corps, never have been, nor ever will likely to be a "Teeth Arm".

    As for the little boys and girls whinging about Blandford, let them whinge, its just the people we are recruiting, as is the Army wide. They want to be treated with respect and they do not like the hardships that Blandford offers. They want to be tucked up every night and told how good they are. 8) In other words they are a bunch of whinging soft brats that need to have a long look at themselves, and wether they want to serve with the military. Please do not judge the corps on this very small minority of Fcuk wits and Walters.

    I agree with Oldredcap, a new forum called Creche or kindergarten would be suitable.
  12. Been thro both inf sigs and corps sigs promotion courses (upto SNCO), no guessing which one does a lot of mil skills and which one does a lot of comms.
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    There’s a lot of shite running the corps these days. Most of the experienced good SNCOs left in the late nineties after they became fed up with the bullshit. It left the corps no option but to promote what was left.

    The result is the chaos and distinct lack of leadership you are reading about now.

    Serves the fcukers right. I never believed it could get worse than when I left but it seems it has. :roll:
  14. A teeth Arm? You must be talking to some pretty young signalmen.

    Signals is a Cbt Sp Arm. Sometimes Corps tradesmen do serve with the Infantry, and in Wars in the past Signal Officers have been known to command Infantry Platoons, Companys, and once in a while, even have to fill in as CO.

    But Infantry they are not.

    Now what's this Signals thread doing out of the Sigs forum?