Those riots

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. There was a lot of criticism about no police action at the first lot of cartoon demos. I've just come across this which was poll tax rioting. Maybe explains why police wanted to keep things cool?
  2. Are you saying that the Poll Tax Rioters should have been allowed to destroy the centre of London while the Police stood back and watched? A very large minority were there with the sole aim of causing the maximum amount of damage. Some of it could have caused death or serious injury to the public or the police.

    The Police had to react, and if things started to escalate then their tactics had to adapt. But if you think letting them get onwith it was the correct thing to do, you'd be well to remeber that the Police are ther to save people and property and not to do so would have been wrong.
  3. When will the police learn? Giving a protester a mild shoeing won't stop him from throwing plsatic garden furniture at you. The only surefire way to stop a demonstration is with VX gas, claymores and lots and lots of 7.62 ball. Sometimes subsituting 7.62 for 9mm pistol if you feel that you need to invoke your artistic licence... or if the target is Brazilian.

    Unless of course the protesters are muslim, in which case riot on!
  4. In a muslim country those would of been called peace full protests :lol:
  5. I am sorry but the cynical side of can not help but think the lack of police action had more to do with the fact that the protestors were nearly all muslim than the fact that they were unprepared.

    If it had been animal rights activists they would have been dealing with it there and then, not this bullsh*t about videoing people and arresting them later. What sort of deterent does that provide them with on the day, absolutely nothing!

    It just makes the police look better to the media because there is no shots of people getting hit with baton and dragged about, its a shame the people who run the police ACPO are stuck in the stone age about literally everything that the police do.