Those press up, floor bar thingies...

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by crescent, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. Those U-ish shaped ones that you grip onto whilst doing press ups.

    They're supposed to relieve pressure on the wrist and forearm during press ups, and that's something I could really do with at the moment.

    Left one is still getting over the crash injury from a year ago, and the right one has now got a genuine RSI.

    But are they actually any good? Do they really relieve pressure?

    I am by no means phys-knowledgeable, but just from looking at them it doesn't seem like they can possibly do anything...
  2. They work mate, I had some until me house mate robbed off with them, pikey...

    Maybe consider getting some of those neoprene wrist supports too?
  3. Yeah i got some they do work. I mainly got them due to a very weak left arm. So i could have it higher so it would work more.
  4. Alright cheers guys, I'll go get some then.

  5. Yep, I use them too sometimes. I think Argos does a set with those, a sit up bar (that's clips to the door) and a pull up bar (that wedges in a doorway).

    Best Christmas present ever. Well, of last year.
  6. Aye that's exactly what I'd seen.

    Ordered and on the way :thumright:
  7. Yeah i got the same. Only prob for me was the sit up bar couldn't fix under the doors in my house :(.
  8. Got some, they are great!!
  9. I had the same problem with a crash injury to my wrist and used these and found them to be a great help.
  10. Excellent.

    I'm quite surprised at the positive feedback on them, just from looking at them I'd always thought they were just something 'pretty' for the home gym and didn't actualy give any benefit at all.

    Glad on this occassion that I was wrong.
  11. Don't live in Manchestoh by any chance?, full of thieving cnuts who only reform when hurled from upper storey windows
  12. Ha! Not far off mate! And that was a very well executed bit of justice right there. If only the minimum sentence for burglury was 50+ ft drop onto concrete.

    I'd probably still have me press up thingy's.
  13. Heh, not far off myself, and plenty of thieving canoots round this way.

    My bike got nicked out of my own LOCKED (maglock at that) garage, they could have picked from over 20 odd cars in that ruddy basement garage but NO, they get MY bike, on the same day the cctv was being 'upgraded' too, hence no cctv for a few days.