Those photos...

Jimmy Edwards D.F.C. was a pooftah, all of his RAF mates knew , they didnt worry ( I used to work for a few of them) he was also a very fine man an exceptional pilot and put other peoples lives before his. he was also a member of the guinea pig club, but they still took the piss out of him
He couldn't reverse park his plane though.


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Has nobody played this game yet? From the front right...

I'll be at the front! No, I'm always at the front.
...and we did this amazing AT and all the people were just so nice, and it was just a really great team, you know...
Join the Royal Signals they said. Have a career they said. Be respected they said.
Wait, did you say Room Sixteen?
Eyes open. CHECK. Mouth open. CHECK. Eyebrow coordination. CHECK. ALL SYSTEMS WINNING.
Yeah, guys, yeah! WOOO!
Oh yes, stand here yes, but, hands yes,, this is all very good fun, but...oh. but I don't like touching.
3, 2, 1. JAPES! J-A-P-E-S!
This is the funnest thing ever! What a cool gang!
...aaaand: photo face. Nailed it.
...and then I was like, fnuh, so totally smashed, so I totally just downed it.
I've watched Top Gun fifty seven times. I bet YOU haven't watched Top Gun fifty seven times.
What? Guys, guys do it again. I can do a better one. Not ready.
It puts the lotion on it's skin, or else. No hose. Hoses are for pussies.
*Sunshine, lollipops and raindicks*, bows. *...rainbows.* Keep it together Keith. Rainbows.
Yes! I'm joining in! I'm doing it!
= (COUNTIF(A1:A23,"YES")+(COUNTIF(A1:A23,"MAYBE")) oh no missed a bracket.
If I lean enough I might be out of shot. Time to make good those stretch sessions. Lean, Sandy. LEAN!

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what do the royal signal do ?
are they the military version of the IT crowd ?
can they fix things ?
do they know how to have a brew and serve biscuits ???
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