Those Nasty Nasty Men

I joined the army because I really wanted to serve my Queen and country. The day I passed out brought a tear to my eye as the overwhelming sense of pride welled up inside me. Then I was posted to Blandford and guess what?
Nasty men started telling me what to do and all sorts. I was even told that I had to march around camp and salute officers and stuff. Then the big man with a stick told me off for holding my boyfreinds hand on the way to trade one day, I tried to explain that its not easy being the only two gays in the garrison! I mean, im not allowed to share my nice warm bed with the one I love. This place is really not very nice, the guard room wont pass on any telephone calls from my mummy, I mean, What Ever!!!
As for the troop cadre, well, I'm sure theyre jealous of me because I'm learning to fix radios and theyre not. TECH's RULE, OKAY!
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention the big man who works in the gymnasium, he shouted at me during PE when I pointed out that it was a violation of my human rights to force me to do hard things on the obstacle course, can you beleive the audacity of the man, Ive only got eyes for my boyfreind!!
Gee you're bitter and twisted, whats up did mummy not show you enough love. Has a tech been given a better job than you or have you just had a sh!t 1st line.
(Thebull140, I think he was being ironic regarding all the whining that has occured on Sigs forum to date) :wink:
Fair one it was 5 in the morning and i was really quite drunk.

I'll get back in my box.
Yeah you got me hook, line and sinker. I'll sit and await the ridicule, my only defence is I was really quite drunk.
Oh but i was at 5 this morning. :oops: :oops: :oops:
I just wanna clear things up, i didnt actually think hootandroar was being serious more having a dig at the certain people like that in blandford. But i was drunk and read it as a dig at techs, probably was and a very good one at that.


Good to see a thread that is having a laugh on the site again. And yes bull140 you got it big time! The computer says no!
:( Is this the new future of the corps shagging team !!! ? Blokes who get drunk and then go back to their room and switch on a computer !!!! What happened to the grab a grannie/dog/hoofer/etc etc at the kebab/burger waggon/bar, go back to hers shag her like the dirty bint she is, bit of back door action :twisted: (u know she wont say no!) and then nick her CD Collection on the way out !!!!!! then walk back up the hill at 0730hrs in the morning where everyone drives past you coz they can't figure out where you going all dressed up in your hot to rock clubbing gear !!!!(hot clubs in Blandford ?) and still get yourself into the classroom at 1 minute prior to the lesson starting !!!!!!!

Now I know why I came bottom of my crapto course with only 94% pass mark !!!!

Boy !!! if this is all we have to look forward to then stay in Blandford Bull140 !!
Yeah cheers mate, I was trying to grab a hoofer but your mum wasn't around. And i aint gonna shag your sister again cos i've only just got rid of the cockrot she gave me last time. So what if i came back and switched on the pc it was only so i could check out the live feed on
:D Nice one bull man, made me chuckle !!! Nice to see your banter is up to date !!!! Anyhow keep pulling one off to the sounds of my old dear moaning in your ear as she is ninety !! and my sister, christ I wouldn't shag her either even if I had a sister !!!! My gran !!! my gran how did you know that gran was mine ?!!! Was it the gimp mask that gave it away ?!!! Oh well keep smiling big fella !!!

My little brother may be up for a shout if your that way inclined as I believe that is PC nowadays !! :twisted:

PS Might try the greyhound brekkie tip as am down your way for a few days to experience the delights of Blandford Forum !!!

cu there :D
You're more than welcome Batman.
Ah johnboy401, the special needs child of arrse. See you polluting another thread with your inane drivel once again. You have still avoided telling people on here what you're retrading from or to.

Thanks for the informative and intellegent input to the conversation, now feck off. :twisted: :twisted:

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