Those modern & civilised Saudis are at it again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rod924, Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

  2. I don't know - if it would cut down on senseless attacks in the UK it might be a good idea.
  3. Shhhh! The Saudis have lots of oil and fast cars! Additionally, they are Muslims and thus are beyond criticism.
  4. Very biblical.
    Actually, I am not opposed to the punishment fitting the crime and in this case that is exctly what the court is looking at.
    Barbaric? Maybe. Justice? Yes
  5. A funny sort of justice where you can be found guilty, be punished, serve out your sentence then be called back for another and much worse punishment for the same crime. If they now paralyse him then his punishment will be worse than the original victim so presumably the the victim will have to do 14 months.
  6. Since the victim is effectively serving a life sentence in a wheelchair, this is just balancing the books.

    Message to the Saudis: if no hospitals are willing to carry out the operation, I'll do it for a reasonable fee and expenses.

    I'll even provide my own baseball bat. Allah Akbar!
  7. You obviously never did The Merchant of Venice at school then.
  8. "A pound of flesh. Not an ounce more, not an ounce less."

    Seriously, I really don't see the problem. He crippled another human being(OK, a Suadi but still...)What was his original sentence, 14 months in jail? And you think that is adequate punishment for completely ruining another person's life?

    I guarantee if we had those kind of sentencing policies over here we would have far fewer crimes...or at least fewer repeat offenders...
  9. No, my comment centred around you sadistic desire to carry out said sentence with a baseball bat. You're only a minute step away from criminality yourself really.
  10. I get your point MiT, it is lacking in humanity.
    I'll do it surgically with a hammer and chisel? See? I have compassion!
  11. Lisa: "Congratulations, Bart - you're officially a Sociopath!"

    Bart: "Hey, at least I'm on a path!"

    Anyway, if I was a sadist I would have offered to do it for free...
  12. I've always counted you among the great humanitarians. I'm afraid I shall leave the Saudis to their own barbaric practices. I don't want Sharia Law for this country, I'm sorry Jagman but if you want to have Sharia you'll have to leave. Do you see what I did there?
  13. Yes, I saw it and I did genuinely laugh out loud at that one MiT!!
  14. Two of the hospitals approached refused to have anything to do with it on ethical grounds.