Those Labour pledges.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BuggerAll, Mar 27, 2010.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Brown has unveiled 5 new pledges of what Labour will do if re-elected.

    1. Secure economic recovery, halving the current £167bn budget deficit.

    2. Raise family living standards – with low mortgage rates, increased tax credits for families with young children, helping first-time buyers and relinking the state pension with earnings from 2012.

    3. Build a hi-tech economy through support for businesses and industry in creating a million new skilled jobs and the delivery of high-speed rail, a green investment bank and broadband access for all.

    4. Protect frontline investment in policing, schools, childcare and the NHS – with a new guarantee of cancer test results within a week.

    5. Strengthen fairness in communities through controlled immigration, guarantees of education, apprenticeships and jobs for young people and a crackdown on antisocial behavior – with victims entitled to take out civil injunctions, funded by the local public authority, if the police are not taking action within a set time.

    The smell of bullshite hangs heavily in the air. The cnuts have had 13 years why have they not done these things before?

    I seem to remember a pledge card they brought out in 1997 and again in 2005. They have not achieved any of those pledges so why should we believe them now?
  2. Same old sh1t, different party.
  3. Brown has more front than Blackpool.

    To be honest things are that bad now that I am actually starting to hope that Labour win with a tiny majority so that they get lumped with the disaster they have created, and then with resulting chaos we get another election when they can no longer talk about how they are the only people to be trusted.

  4. Yeah, then the tories might get a decent majority, but as it happens I think they will anyway, the bookies certainly think so. Sadly, I think sorting Brown's c0ckups out will fcuk them right up and we'll have the fcukin goon show back in again 5 years later :x
  5. What happened to 'Education, Education, Education'? Shouldn't they complete on that before moving on or is educating our young a lost cause?
  6. They will do absolutley about it, (did you see what idid there)!

  7. Ohh some gems there:

    1. Governments, especially those who specialise in p1ssing away money, cannot "secure" economic recovery. Ever.

    2. I rather thought it was the Bank of England that tried to do that.....

    Best of all:

    4. NHS plans £20bn emergency budget cuts

    "The NHS is planning emergency budget cuts that could result in the loss of thousands of beds and tens of thousands of jobs, it has been reported.

    According to documents obtained by The Daily Telegraph, the health service is planning £20 billion of cuts to cover the black hole left by the Government’s spending freeze.

    The plans, released by ten Strategic Health Authorities, draw proposals for swingeing cuts across hospitals and health clinics. These could include the sacking of up to 10 per cent of staff in some areas of the country, cutbacks to ambulance services and greater use of the NHS Direct telephone helpline. "
  9. The thing to note is that these are coming from a man who went to the high court to prove that Labour doesn't have to keep to manifesto pledges
  10. No more return to the days of "Boom and Bust" then eh....!

    All that I see is 5 pledges to justify raisng even more stealth taxes, and giving it all away to the Idle, Single mothers and every other fcuker that can manage to walk halfway round the world to get here.

    No thanks Gordon, you can bite my hairy ass if you think that you clown's are going to get another shot at the title. Cnuts.
  11. Things could be a lot worse. When Harold Wilson was PM in the 70s, the government drafted contingency plans for "feeding stations" - soup kitchens in the street. It was thought that the pound would collapse and there would be a "wholesale liquidation of the economy".

    I remember having to queue for hours to buy basics like bread, sugar and flour. Even candles were in short supply when the power cuts started.

    If the Tories get a working majority at the election, they'll implement swingeing cuts in public expenditure to balance the books. If necessary, they'll bring in the IMF for a loan and accept the conditions the IMF impose.

    If Labour get in, they will not be able to implement cuts in public expenditure. The unions wont let them. The only thing that's currently keeping the bailiffs out of Labour HQ is the money coming from Unite and the fact that Unite guaranteed Labour's debts last year. Add to that, over 100 union officials parachuted into safe seats and the next Labour government will effectively be a department of the TUC.

    They wont bring in the IMF because they would stop Gordon spending billions on sun burned polar bears and fekkin' totem pole artists for the NHS.

    If Labour win, I'd expect to see:-

    - Union leaders who are neither MPs nor peers sitting in cabinet as in 1960s

    - No redundancies or pay cuts for unionised civil servants

    - Massive cuts in non-unionised expenditure e.g. defence, police etc

    - Permanent 'quantitative easing'. Routine printing of money to pay the bills leading to hyperinflation (remember the 70s - a pay rise every 6 weeks).

    - Civil war in the Labour party as the hard left try to oust Gordon

    - Civil unrest as Harriet's 'equality' bill makes it illegal to be white, straight and Christian.
  12. "Same old sh1t, different party. "
    True Old Labour New Labour,

    "'Education, Education, Education'"
    It's KO Labour has all ready all but destroyed UK education system.

    "To be honest things are that bad now that I am actually starting to hope that Labour win with a tiny majority so that they get lumped with the disaster they have created, and then with resulting chaos we get another election when they can no longer talk about how they are the only people to be trusted."

    Ahg, sounds good but
    Sorry now in Gibber mode.

  13. All the things they should have done already. But didn't. And people will still vote for them. As someone erudite once said: "A country gets the government it deserves". I wonder what the voting turnout will be at the forthcoming election, 50%?
  14. Some may think 'Ancient_Mariner' is joking.

    As for the pledge to guarantee cancer test results in a week; the technicians, training, associated clinical staff and equipment will all be produced out of a hat by Brown the mad, bad magician!
  15. Voting for Labour is a bit like getting Ian Huntley and Josef Fritzl to baby sit your kids. As long as they promise to be good this time.