Those In Peril Upon The Sea

I am not sure where you are coming from, I didn't suggest they should drop anything other than boulders, I am merely questioning the suggestion that such boulders on the seabed poses any hazard to shipping.
Don't they ever think of the poor fish they kill when a bloody great rock drops onto their bonce?
Heartless bastards.


Kit Reviewer
Looking at the videos it seems the boulders being dropped are about one metre in height, what possible threat, among all the other detritus both natural and man made that litters the sea bed, could such boulders pose to shipping?

I know all our hearts swell with pride when we see our Great British fishing fleet and we all hate the Greenies, because well they're Greenies basically, but I happen to think the boulder droppers are on the right side of this argument. If the only way you can make a quick buck is by turning the sea bed into a lifeless, watery Sahara then get a different job.

If unscrupulous thieves decide they can get away with raping sea life nurseries, well they get what they deserve.

I' ve dived no- fish sanctuaries like L'estartit and St Abbs, and it's wonderful to see what the sea bed should look like without trawling.