Those Getting Evacuated From Lebanon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Santa_Sunday, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. Whilst most are observing the traditional British values of waiting their turn, helping others and being grateful toward those sent to help them, is anybody really surprised about the amount of those on the TV bleating about the Government response…???

    How many have appeared on TV so far lambasting the effort to recover them…?? You know the type,

    “We’ve not been given any advice…”

    “They are only taking us to Cyprus, how am I supposed to get home from there..?? Who is going to pay…??”

    “It’s not good enough – I’m a British citizen, they should be looking after me…”

    Most of these whinging twats are in the Middle East to make a ‘quick buck’ without paying tax on it, yet demand 5 star treatment at the drop of a hat. You don’t pay in..?? Don’t expect too much out will you..??

    Rant over…….
  2. Sadly a "me me me" attitude if they dont like it they can make their own way home. How long before an enquiry into how unprepared HMG was and how poor the service. I suppose they will be complaining about the in flight meals or the quality of food from the galley.

    Instead of bending over backwards for this sort why not just tell them the facts and tell them to wind their neck in. I heard someone complaing that their was no timetable for departure!!!!

  3. I am surprised at the amount of slagging they are doing.

    Most Brit expats I know usually have an escape route planned when working in an unstable country.

    And will have a 2nd passport or seamen's book.
  4. I think the Mejjia are focusing on whingers, years ago it would have been Fred and Doris praising our Navy for getting them out and how lucky they were to be British and not some tin pot country who had to blag their citizens onto annother countries effort.
  5. Was it not the same before the first Gulf War when people ignored the warnings to leave Kuwait / Iraq and then demanded that the British Government pay themcompensation when they were used by saddam as human shileds.
  6. Spot on camman....
  7. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    Would some of these people be the same whinging, tax-dodging spongers who have been clearing anti-personnel mines, unexploded ordnance and improvised explosive devices in Lebanon for at least the last six years?

    And what is it you do again?
  8. Possibley a moot point Diplomat, most of the people I've seen interviewed were visiting family or just tourists.

    Quite what they expect to happen in a dodgy Middle East country is beyond me...
  9. It's a pity they hadn't spent their time getting rid of Katyusha Rockets instead then isn't it?
  10. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    I am sure they will now the warry G3 types on each side have started to indescriminately chuck more ordnance around!
  11. The Lebanese Government allowed Hezbollah to train an equip with thousands of Syrian and Iranian missiles. Hezbollah are responsible for the carnage and Israels response.. If they don't like being burned... don't play with fire.
  12. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    The UN have a mission in South Lebanon (UNAMIL?). They do not actively patrol Hez areas in case they upset them! An aggressive UN response using their Fijian BG could have nipped all this in the bud years ago!! One for further investigation I would suggest!
  13. I say we let Israel crack on, keep our mouths shut and maybe they will solve the Iranian and Syrian problem for us. Those B*stards are supplying the weapons that are killing our colleagues after all.

    The thought of Tehran and Damascus reduced to radioactive rubble is not an unattractive one to me as a consequence.
  14. was'nt there a funny law suit about the last british airways flight into kuwait where a passenger claimed suddenly all this big blokes with huge rucsacs got on at the very last moment?
    he was slightly pissed that the flight weant ahead and he ended up spending some time as a guest of saddam?
  15. Yep - they had one on telly yesterday. He had brought his wife and kids out for a holiday, and now they were "abandoned" in a hotel room, the Attache hadn't been in touch, etc, etc. Let's be honest, he's on a good contract (he doesn't do it out of the goodness of his heart), but HE wasn't whining, his wife was.

    Perhaps she doesn't know exactly how good his contract is?!