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Those free thorntons eggs. . . .

Some of us used the link on this thread to get free eggs of thorntons.

But who else got this email from them this morning?

"Thorntons" said:

Due to high demand our free Thorntons Treat Egg offer has been oversubscribed. We do however still have stock in stores and don't want you to miss out on your delicious treat. Therefore please find attached a voucher to take into your local Thorntons store to redeem your Treat Egg. In the eventuality that your local store has run out, they may substitute this for an alternative product of equivalent value.
This means I have to go and claim my freebie in person, how undignified :x

Was this their plan all along I wonder?

Edit for mong spell
me too, i got the same email, but cant be arsed going. i will just eat one of the kids egg's instead, they were free to to them!!
Yeah, received that myself this morning.I reckon it's a complete scam.

Best way to stuff those bastards at Thorntons is for everyone to claim their free eggs. So for all of you who couldn't be ARRSEd then, if you go here, you can get a valid voucher for your free egg. Feel free to circulate:

click THIS LINK to download thornton.jpg

(edited: graphic removed, too large, use above link instead)
ahhhhh but look at the T & C.

"Equivalent discount towards another thorntons product". So they run out of freebies, and the cheap stuff, they'll still be safe.
Trunnion-Tilt said:
Bovvy, just print lots of them off.
If someone can PM me one, or post it on the thread, I will. I didn't click the original offer because I didn't consider one chocolate egg was worth a lifetime of junk mail.

Second thoughts ....... forget it. I don't want to be inundated with PM's either.

Edited to add: My typing is so slow that the voucher appeared on thread before I posted. :oops:
pyrogenica said:
Look above, I have given a link for you to download it from
Thank you pyrogenica. Though I notice it's one per household and the voucher expires on Tuesday 1st April. So if I'm not going to a town before then, one egg might not warrant the cost of diesel. But thank you, again, anyway.
Bring your kiddies (or someones kiddies) and get them ot start crying if they refuse the free eggs. or pretend they're from different housholds and you're doing a favour?
pyrogenica said:
Hope you enjoy them, hopefully they won't have run out. Just remember that you don't want spam mail, so best to use a neighbour's address!
A plan for cerunnos perhaps? Or too easy for his standards?
pyrogenica said:
Hope you enjoy them, hopefully they won't have run out. Just remember that you don't want spam mail, so best to use a neighbour's address!
I always do. My neighbours must get loads of porn spam come through their door. I also use my freinds emails when subscring to porn sites, saves the 5 billion emails a day thing.
Yea, though when asking for my free egg in Oxford street I was told they didnt have any. In fact, everyone I know was told that and you ended up having to buy something to get your free 59p worth.
Hehe. Every time I check out insurance prices or just about anything online, then I use the postcode of a miserable neighbour in the style of our good friend cerrunos. I used the name "David Koresh" and the zip code of Camp David last week when signing up for access to an American site! (used Google)

As for email addreses, ther's an outfit called "trashmail" who give to an alternate email address that only lasts for a fixed time, so you can sign up on all those iffy sites. Here's the link, well worth using: LINKY

Back to the topic, if Thorntons are playing silly buggers, then it might be an idea for anyone experiencing this stealth sales trick to post up here and I will have some fun with them (advertising standards, press officers, etc).
Got the same email myself this morning. :( I was under the impression that they were going to post the eggs. :? Now its a voucher with only a few days to collect and our nearest Thortons is 30 miles away. :x Why do I fall for these crap tricks everytime. :lol: Just because I think I'm going to get something for nothing. :roll: Stuff their eggs.

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