Those employing Illegal Immigrants Face Prison

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, May 15, 2007.

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  1. I would also like to see prison for those politicians whose incompetence and irresponsibility has allowed this situation to develop.

    Don't just blame the bosses for their exploitation, blame new labour for their equal culpability.
  2. They should have a walk down the Curry Mile up here lol
  3. have they said how many new prisons they will be opening then?
  4. Good ! Double Good !

    However, with Mr. Falconer asking for SHORTER prison sentences and our Magistrates' Benches stacked with 'liberal' limp-wristed agonisers, added to the growler Scottish yob about to be shoed into power, can anyone see this happening.?

    This country is cream-crackered, it is cattle-trucked - thanks to the totally objectionable sh!t TBliar.
  5. Typical

    Crooked businessmen break the law and Lsquared blames the Labour government

  6. Thats right, put illegal immigrants into the prison system, while the likes of us all end up clothing them, feeding them, paying them and housing them again!

    Who knows, whilst in prison they could do a degree and claim they,ve been in the country for years at HM pleasure, got educated and are now at a call centre near you
  7. Bring back catapault punishment!

    Catapault the feckers all the way back home!
  8. I seem to remember a couple of illegals being caught working at the Home Office last year. I take it ministers have exempted themselves from this new law - purely in the interests of democracy of course.
  9. Were they employed directly by the Home Office or by a cleaning agency?
  10. Can you tell me what systems are in place for an employer to establish whether applicant X is, or is not, an illegal immigrant? You know, one where the employer can seek OFFICIAL third party confirmation that the paperwork being presented is genuine and that applicant X is really applicant X and not a ringer?

    If this is not in place, or the current system is unworkable, how can an employer be held completely responsible?
  11. Illegals working 'legally' i.e. with false identity, documents, etc. is a pretty small problem apparently. Most illegals are hired by employers who are well aware of their status and exploit it to keep wages and associated costs low. Bigger employers, especially in hospitality, catering, agriculture, etc. avoid trouble by sub-contracting to gangmasters and dodgy 'employment agencies'. If the DWP turn up, they just plead ignorance (although that particular loophole has been closed now, I think). The building trade in particular runs on casual, cash-in-hand labour with vast numbers of illegals.

    I should say I have little personal experience of this, although my Capitalist Robber Baron relative in East Anglia seems suspiciously well informed on how to avoid being had over for employing illegals!
  12. Three quarters of those who employ illegals know the law appertaining to illegal employment,so why don't the government come down very hard on them or is it a case of some of those employers are ex MP's.
  13. True. But the law has always been there to prosecute such people, it's just been modified. If this is such a big problem, why didn't HMG use existing law to deal with it? Answer, the Home Office was in such an abysmal state, they have very little chance of being able to determine is, and who is not, illegal. What's changed?

    I'm afraid, it's more Labour spin to give the impression that they're doing something - when nothing is likely to change in reality because they have failed to deal with the problem itself. Read the BBC report carefully, and it all looks like a toothless wonder. Sadly it's another case of Sven peddling New Labour dross.

    However, with tin foil hat firmly attached, one paragraph from the report did give me concern:
    So UK citizens now has to prove that they have a right to work in the UK in order to avoid "racial discrimination." Barking mad! And how does one go about this exactly?

    Is this compulsory ID cards by the back door?

  14. They were outsourced through an agency. That way due to a degree of separation the Home Office had the all necessary legal cover of deniability.

    But of course you know how it works don't you sven? Your faux ignorant enquiry was worthy of a Hoon or a Blair. But then of course you are a politician now aren't you?