Those email scams offering money from African states

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Percy, Feb 4, 2005.

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  1. This email came into my junk mail box. I know its been discussed on ARRSE before but how anyone can seriously believe that the brother of the ex president of Liberia is going to email them as an honest broker beggars belief. Anyway I reproduce it here as a bit of fun; if any of you want to contact him with a bit of abuse or lead him up the garden path, feel free.

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    Dear Friend

    I know this will come to you as a surprise because you do not know me. I
    am George Taylor, the younger brother of the former Liberian President
    who is now in exile in Nigeria. I am currently staying in London, England.

    I got your contact in my own private search for a honest person whom i can
    trust and confide in. I want you to help me clear this Package that is already
    in europe which i shipped through Diplomatic means with the help of a Diplomat.
    The content of the Package is $8m. All in $100.00 bills. The Diplomat does
    not know that it is money that it is money that i have in the Package because
    it was decleared as personal effects. This funds originated from the sales
    of Diamond as my country is rich in Diamond. So, all i want you to do for
    me now is this, give me;

    Your mailing address,
    Your private phone and fax numbers,

    I will give you the contact of the Diplomat so that you can open up communication
    with him and discuss how and when the Package will be delivered to your
    home address. At the end of the day, 20% will be for you and i will have

    My identity should not be revealed to anybody. If this arrangement is okay
    by you, you try as much as possible to email me so
    that we can go ahead and achieve our endeavour.

    Other modalities will be discussed in later period including sending of
    the keys of the boxes to you.

    Waiting in anticipation.

    Yours sincerely,
    George Taylor.
  2. You are supposed to send these to the police. I don't suppose they actually have enough resources to deal with them :?
  3. Yes I used to send them to an email address I was given by the local police, they don't seem to do anything about them and couldn't be arrsed to even acknowledge that they had received them.
  4. I know that wasn't a serious suggestion from the original poster, and I am sure everyone else also knows that it would be foolish to contact that email address as you will just get added to the guy's spam list.
  5. I heard of a classic counter scam where you reply to the guy and exchange email expressing your intrest and after a few emails you tell him that you are part of an obscure religious organisation that only permits the dealing of money with those within your church, therefore the african scam man will have to join your church....there is of course a £50 joining fee... he pays thinking it will be a small price to rip you off and

    Ha ha ha a classic must of course donate the £50 to a charity so as not to be tarred with the same scam pikey brush
  6. I agree - don't ever reply to these emails yourself, but feel free to use their email address to sign up to every useless mailing list you can find............
  7. Hmmmm if your stupid or greedy enough to fall for something like this then maybe you deserve it.
  8. But pass up the opportunity to help this poor fella out AND earn $2 million at the same time? Sorry, but I think this is too good to miss..... :? :roll:

    Seriously though, what kind of stuff happens once you reply to this kind of thing? Is it a case of "we have a small problem which we need to find £2000 to pay off the courier, can you help" type stuff, or is it more identity fraud type stuff that they use your details for. Always been absolutely astounded that anyone would even entertain such an approach, let alone fall for it...
  9. new one out claiming to be a swiss bloke with acess to holocaust
    funds left behind in swiss banks sick or what ?Spoke to a guy in tradeing standards -hundreds of people lose millions in this scam.cant fool an honest man
  10. there a joke one claiming to be one of princess leia's relatives.
    Think its time to put on together claiming to be the sainted cheri (':twisted:').
    something along the lines got all this cash in property but need to get out of town fast. before the peasants with pitch forks turn (':twisted:')
  11. Had one from none other than Viktor Bout, I spent a good ten minutes laughing at the thought that he's probably in the spammer business too..