Those arrse birds have done me an injury

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SuperTrooper, Oct 23, 2005.

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  1. Well, I logged on this morning and saw the request for pics so I do what every ex soldier does when wimmin want to see their bits and bobs, I fecking sent them one in didn't I! Having looked at my pic I thought I looked a bit fuzzy so on my regular trip to the stores on a Sunday, I bought my self a nice new set of trimmers. Whilst alone and with the aid of a stratigically placed mirror, I began 'skinning the wabbit' so to speak. After de-fuzzin for about 10 minutes I was giving my nads a good going over, when the trimmers went buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz click click click splash. 8O either I have oiled me clippers with ketchup or there is a dire need to visit the local NHS palace. 8O Nooooooooooo ! I'd done the dirty 'a clip too far' and on the other side of the bridge was a large piece of nad skin missing. It looked about the size of this here smilie :p with its vampire lips dripping with blood. My bollox now looked like a slaughtered lamb, with its throat cut :(

    Three hours later my stones have finally stopped bleeding, so all you arrse chicks owe me big time!!!


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  2. Priceless :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. couldent make it up
  4. Does that mean I win by default on a medical retirement? :p

    Fecking classic mate, but those tusks could do with a filing as well :lol:
  5. 8O you didn't have to involve pain, but great effort, great pic :)
  6. ive enterd as well so you wont win that easy
  7. Who is the black arm band for?
  8. That's in mourning for his sack Mur. Show some respect ffs!
  9. Hey I never bailed out of anything due to an injury so the compo's still on!
  10. Let the games begin :lol:
  11. So send in a pic of the injury then! We need to see the evidence of the pain!
  12. Does that get extra points? All dares, all bluffs remember ;)

    *** LJ reaches for the clippers ***
  13. OMG super Trooper ive just wet my pants rofl rofl

    Good effort!

    im sure one of the maidens will kiss them better for u!

  14. Oh no LJ.......put down the wine.......... leave those clippers in the cupboard :roll:
  15. Ok just to prove I am not a walt:


    Its bleeding again!

    Edited to add, missed both my legs :D

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