Thorney Island MQs

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by knackwurstchen, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone!

    We are posted to 47 regt RA later this year and are having a bit of a nightmare regarding a quarter. I understand that there is quite a shortage at the moment and DE have told my husband that we could be waiting for up to 6 months! They also said if we wanted to get a quarter sooner they could give us one in gosport but only after they get a letter from the CO.

    Is anyone posted at thorney island who can shed any light on the situation, where are people quartered who don't live on thorney island, and is gosport as bad as the rumours say?

    ANy help would be great.

  2. I'm not 100% on whereabouts all of the pads estates are outside of the Island, but I can tell you that there is a fair bit of a wait for anything on the station.
    I'll ask one of the pads after lunch and try and get back to you later if someone else doesn't beat me to it! Incidentally, what rank are you posting in at- JNCO, SNCO, officer?

    As for Gosport, it's a matter of taste really. I have good taste (ex-cavalry and all), and I don't particularly like it there. Thats as a place in general though, nothing to do with pads estates. The idea of driving the M27 every day during rush hour is quite off putting for me, too.
  3. there are quarters in chichester that ain't to bad there has always been a shortage on the island
  4. Lived on the island back in the 90's, and the housing situation then was pretty dire. They were just in the process of building the new quarters when we left, which made the situation better. However, there are now two regiments screaming for spaces, so the situation is probably back to square one. From what i can remember Gosport isn't that bad an area, it's like anywhere, it's what you make of it. The area itself is a great place to live, with loads of places to go and see. The shopping areas are well serviced, with Portsmouth, Southampton, Chichester and Havant all close by. If you fancy a day out at the seaside, then Southsea is close, but if you want something better, then Brighton's only half an hour away. If you're fortunate enough to get a quarter on the island itself, there is a decent school for the kids and also a sailing club you can join, with lots of activities. Hope this helps and you get what you want....good luck!
  5. JNCO, we asked about the pads in chichester as well but apparently they are all full, we've basically been given the choice of taking one in Gosport or waiting for someone to move out!
  6. 2 genuine questions....was there a MQ shortage when it was RAF?
    When we used it as a mounting airfield for parachuting from Hastings aircraft in the '60's it was quite busy so assume some RAF pads were living in Hirings.
    Does the Army still utilise Hirings?
  7. There are over 50 single soldiers from 12 Regt living in SSSA (hirings) due to a crippling lack of all natures of accomodation.

    In my opinion Gosport is too far away (40 minute drive at the best of times, let alone in rush hour!)

    There is unlikely to be significant investment in quarters in the near future on TI due to the rumoured move of one of the Regts. If it were me, I'd dig in my heels and wait for a quarter on TI. Bear in mind you should take priority over those folk who've moved on from the Regts but decide to leave their family in situ because the other half "likes the area." That's probably no longer the case, but there were sinners of that ilk when I was last there.

    If you need any further info, pm me, I have chaps on the inside over there don'tcherknow!
  8. There are Quarters in Fareham and Titchfield too. It's about 20 mins in the morning if you get out before the traffic. Straight down the M27 to Junct 9 is the easiest way.
  9. Hi, we've also just found out that we're posted to 47 Regt at the end of the year. Currently we're in Gosport so know that we are going to have to fight to be moved. We really don't want to be in the situation where my husband is commuting from Gosport to Thorney everyday as we have two young boys and they wouldn't really see their dad during the week and if that was the case he might as well be posted the other end of the country. Also, I do not like living in Gosport, nothing against the actual area, just the attitude of people around here because hubby is in the army and not navy! If we got moved to Thorney Island it really would make our lives so much easier and happier. Any one got any pearls of wisdom??
  10. Hi, we are also posted to 47 Regt later in the year, we were told getting a quarter on the island is almost impossible but we have just been offered one. Apparently there is alot of movement going on within the regt which might be why the houses are becoming available - Hope you get what you want also!
  11. There is some hope then! I've just been diagnosed with PND and I can see it getting a whole lot worse if DH has to commute and especially if he goes away with the new unit and I'm stuck here on my own with 2 kids not knowing anyone.
  12. Depends on what Regt you are with as to amount of time spent away. And what trade hubby is.

    There are more MQs becoming available slowly but patience is needed. The guys in Welfare are trying their hardest to accommodate everyone.
  13. He gonna be with 47 regt and is a VM. We're putting our housing forms in next week as soon as the welfare officer gets back from adventure training. We've got 4 months until DH is due to start with 47 so hopefully that'll be enough time for somewhere to become available.
  14. Stop whinging please. A one hour commute is considered the norm in the real world.