Thornberry damages road surface

That fat mess clearly is not a regular push bike rider , publicity stunt.
The good news is that she will be back on her bike again soon and cycling between Westminster and Islington, about 4 miles via the Victoria Embankment.
Imagine the scene in hospital.

'Colonel Thornberry, why are you wearing a circus tent around your waist?'

'What do you mean Doctor? Of course, I' m not wearing a circus tent. Those are my undercrackers! '
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Thoughts with the driver. A Thornberry-sized dent in one's bonnet will take a lot of tapping out.
Driver needs a slap for making a shit job of it.

Crowdfunding would have got him a new Mercedes if he'd managed to get it right.


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I'm surprised she didn't blame Brexit.


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This should be great publicity for the bike manufacturers who can demonstrate how robust and good weight carrier their cycle is!

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