Thor XM .408

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Minito, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. BIG calibre rifle, maybe a little over the top for foxes/rabbits? are there any ranges in uk that go out to 1000/2000 metres? is it even available/legal in the UK?
  2. I'll bite; seeing that there people who shoot .50 I should imagine that it would be legal. FCSA UK Home Page

    Quite how you would persuade your local Rozzers that you need something like that to control the local rabbit population beats me :)
  3. He wants to make pate without all that cookery bollocks :biggrin:

    As an aside ;given there is a 50 Cal shooting club how do you rationalise that with the fuzz or does it not work that way round ??
  4. Quite how you would persuade your local Rozzers that you need something like that to control the local rabbit population beats me :)[/QUOTE]

    big rabbits?!
  5. Were-rabbit hunter?
  6. It will be legal providing, of course,you have 'good reason'. Target shooting is a valid reason to have a .50 precision rifle, so a .408 should be no different.
    I shoot with the FCSA and they use several military field firing ranges in the UK.
    Diggle ranges in Oldham, have 100-1000 yards facilities, so it could be used there too.

    The ammo for a .408, If I recall correctly is very expensive.
  7. My club has .50/.338/.300 etc and we normally shoot Warcop once a month....
  8. Easy, first get one of these:

    "Officer I've just shot this, near the old nuclear waste tip, the vet says it's still a babby!"
  9. I was thinking something along those lines otherwise as you say there wouldnt be a 50 club at all.

    I was trying to get a feel of what the powers that be use to rationalise granting of FAC or does that vary county by county
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Well target shooting is good reason and fcsa membership covers that. Fill yer boots but let us all have a shot eh?
  11. My understanding of the way the police rationalise granting a FAC, is that providing you have a reason to own the weapon in question and you have some experience in using firearms.
    In order to obtain a FAC for target shooting you need to be a member of a home officer approved shooting club. The probationary period at one of these clubs can vary from 3- 6 months before you can use them as a reference. In that time period you would be expected to attend regularly and complete any mandatory training. If you were applying for a full bore calibre, it would be expected that you had shot with the club on its full bore ranges which are usually military ranges anyway.

    That, should be all that is required to demonstrate reason and suitability ( assuming of course there are no criminal or medical reasons deeming one unsuitable).