Thongs or Pants

Which do you have a preference for

  • Thongs

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  • Pants

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  • Commando

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Thongs all the time wins hands down
Is this about Kylie Minogue? All her thongs were pantths...

Why, yes, I believe I did order a taxi, thank you...
on this man yep... thong

on this man however...umm no

BuztyBabe said:
on this man however...umm no

Dear mother of Lenin! Does Hallveg know you're stalking him?

No wait, I've never seen Hallveg in a thong before...

No wait, erm I take that back...

No wait, I, I, I...

Is there any room in that taxi?
My old gran knocks these out in the home, any takers.


canteen_cowboy said:
here we go et another thread that takes up bandwidth with no use whatsoever to arrse, we can all look on the internet for soft or hard porn, so why is it relevant here?
Nice arse on your avatar, BTW ... :wink:

No use? Amuses people, I guess.
Is that allowed in Bliar's Britain?
Ooops ... is that my taxi?

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