Thomas or Thompson box or bins

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by watto135, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. Hello all afer some help if at all possible.

    i am after getting a hold of a thomas box or thompson box i think they are called, i would like to know if they are available through the system, if so does anybody have a nsn for them & are they easy to get a hold of

    cheers watto
  2. thomas bins maybe?
  3. hey butler thats sounds like it to me
    do you have any details

    cheers watto
  4. Thomas bins, (known as tommy bins)

    obsolete items now i believe
  5. TOP

    do you know if they have replaced it with anything
  6. Are they metal toreage boxes? if so theres something called lacom boxes which can be padlocked shut, posties use them
  7. yes it is a storage box

    need it so we can carry our teams spraes kit so yes stoarage boxes will do

    do you have an nsn or anything
  8. or does any posties on the site know were i can get one from
  9. Watto,

    The 'Thomas' Bin is officially known as:

    DMC: W21

    NSN: 7125 99 132 0029

    Desig: Bin Interlocking Fibre

  10. And hopefully R** C***t doesn't mind the world knowing that he/she works for the MOD.

    Come on, day one week one. Delete the finer detail and send it via PM.
  11. Anally retentive springs to mind. What possible PERSEC implications does this have for the manager of a fibreboard box? Bet AQ or worse are on the case right now.
  12. Anally retentive, maybe so.

    Why not phone them and ask if they mind?. They might be quite happy about it, in which case i stand corrected.

    Edited to add:

    Alternatively why not just change your post and admit that it probably wasn't the best idea to post this persons name, job description and number. Even if it's to save embarrassment when someone googles them in 2 years time to find that their only achievement in life was to manage a fibreboard box.

    Unless YOU ARE the Eman of fibreboard boxes I'm sure that your post will not affect YOUR persec in the slightest.
  13. NSN: 7520 99 139 3342
  14. cheers guys will pass this on to my unit SQMS
  15. Local phone directory lists my name, address and MBE. I didn't ask for the award. Does this compromise my RET(ired)SEC? I receive a number of Army History Society books and reports that list fully Ctte members and other executives.

    What price PERSEC for the retired. I saw mention of a General Wellington the other day.