Thomas Grant killer jailed for life

Another sad death, RIP young sir and sleep well.
Outrageous, 21 years pah!! a young decent man who had so much to give to society was snuffed out by a scum bag of the highest order and oh yeah the tw@t was released early from prison on licence, life should mean life, throw the key away let him rot!!!!! He will get out not long after turning 40, still fit enough to cause more damage in our communities, FFS bottom line is our courts and Gov our failing us badly......... :x
indeed just when did life become ten or so years? Can anyone tell me? I am sure the Victorians didn't put up with this bullsh!t.
Gimme the bolt cutters, hammer drill and 15 minutes with this gentlemen. He'll live, but he won't be able to walk very well - or pick his nose.

Oh! And he'll have this stunning ability to bend his elbows completely the other way!
It's cases like this that would make me think that getting rid of the death penalty was a mistake.

In the circumstances, an appropriate sentence might be road sweeping in Basrah.


The dignity shown by Tom's Mum and Dad outside the court was remarkable. I don't think that I could conducted myself in such a manner, after such an overwhelming and utterly pointless loss of a young life.

God Bless them.
Death penalty for such a horrible act should be compulsory, especially when there were absolutely no doubt's about the who did it. Witnesses not evidence.

My condolence's to his family.

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