Thomas Cook shares?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 26, 2011.

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  1. Anyone buying into them?
  2. Doesn't look like it. But their bankers have just agreed to give them a 100 million quid loan at under 5 %.

    My gut feeling is that now is the time to buy their shares - if you can afford to lose the money in the event that it goes tits up. And see it as a medium to long term investment if it doesn't go tits up.

    But then I am a humble EOD Engineer, not an investment guru.

  3. I bought 1050 pounds worth day after announcement...based on "oldest travel firm in world would be snapped up for name" and secondly,they knew why things were going tits up... mainly due to arab spring, people didnt fancy visiting north africa and egypt,,,sold yesterday and after deductions made 880 pounds profit.

    No doubt they shares will shoot up on monday opening, but im quite happy with my 2-3 days non work, did advise one of my friends but he just saw the bad media,,as i pointed out,,you dont but when shares are popular! I used a hunch and it worked for me,good luck to all who have a go!
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  4. meant buy not but on 2nd last line
  5. binlid - do you daytrade?
  6. Iv been off ill for some months and got bored,,,,,set up a trading account with share centre,,,,just amateur really but have had some success,,,information and hunches work for me (so far) my tip for now would be rio tinto
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  7. iv bought rockhopper, theyv struck on test drillings, good if you can buy and wait 5 years for results, i think they have said 60 billion barrels plus, good medium long term invest
  8. i was thinking that but just one intervention from Argie they will drop immediately
  9. re Rio - what caused the spike at the end of October 2011?