thnigs you do for your mates

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by mccallion6, Mar 30, 2004.

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  1. My computerless mate wants has a thing for uniforms and i am looking for someone special to mend her broken heat. But is there some sort of groupie clique that you have to belong too because reading some of these posts it seems like it. Oh i thinkyou all do fantastic work by the way
  2. get her to give you a pic of herself and then you post it in the gallery for her. Not promising her someone will propose to her but she might get some kind of errr 'response'!! :wink:
  3. No, you just keep sticking your ore in and refuse to go away. Eventually some sad, bored old sod will PM you & say hi :wink: (luv ya really)
  4. There is no 'groupies clique' on here - just a lot of damn gorgeous heroes doing their bit for Queen and Country :D

    As to finding someone to mend a broken heart, may I suggest a caring and uber-sensitive soul like The Lord Flasheart?? Just pm him with your friend's details, and let love unfold.... :D

    Oh, and 'manchestermonkey' is up for anything as well. You could also try Dale the Snail - she's a chick, but you never know... :D

  5. tell her to come aboard some one will give her a seeing to and fix the HEAT proplem..................lots of plumbers on ARRSE who specialise in this sort of thing 8)
  6. then she could pop the kettle on and make us all a cup of tea, like a good girl.
  7. Yes, good kitchen skills are essential...and the overwhelming desire for Arrse fun of course :D

    None of this is going to help with your friend though, is it? Perhaps you could get her pissed, take her out on the tiles, and find a nice chap that way. Brecon is near your way, isn't it? :D
  8. Do you go first night and take it in the dung trumpet?
  9. ...and then go down after??? :D
  10. :roll: oooo, you smooth talkers. You all really know how to show a girl a good time. :roll:
  11. we live life in the fast lane babe, no time for beating around the bush!! :wink:
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol: You must be joking, most of you are desk jockies with all the time in the world. Treat your ladies nice. You never know what they'll do for you in return. :wink:
  13. I treat mine very very nice, and I get lots of nice things in very lucky chap, which is why I'm going to marry her!! :D
  14. :D Cool, nice one. :D
  15. flowers and batteries on the way then :wink: