Thith ith a dithgrath

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spent_case, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. Shocking news from the Boxing Chap.


    Man up and take that pith taking on the chin..
  2. Didn't he once say "Bocksinth isth barbarwick" ?
  3. Many years ago, Chris was a guest speaker at a dinner I attended. He mostly talked about Ethics, and a little about Thuthex :D
  4. Was that in the days when he was still wanked WBCthee's number wun bockther ? or when he had his weemathch with Michael Watthson ?
  5. Brilliant. ;)
  6. Thereth altho, "Now at number tixith hereth Thuggs with Thethelia"
  7. We thould rethpect hith choicth.
  8. Before he has the work done, I think he should do the voiceovers for Sir Terry Pratchetts Igor, he would be perfect!

    “Mathter, ith it not appropriate to exthplain your evil planth?”
  9. My God!
    WTF is this doing in the NAAFI?
    Any NAAFI that I walked in to that was discussing a man's "lithp" I would immediately walk out of.
    Is this not the ARMY rumour service NAAFI rather than Amie's?
    Feck me squaddies are getting soft nowadays.